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Fifa 10 shooting review is it good or bad

Updated on October 30, 2009

Fifa 10 Shooting Review

This is my personal review of the new Fifa 10 soccer shooting system. My research includes personal experience, some limited reading, as well as friends with the game and their opinions.

To set the tone of this review, when I first started playing the game I loved the overall feel of it, but I knew that something was a little bit off. After playing over 100 games, I have narrowed it down to the shooting system, and changes to shooting from 2009 to 2010.

First to review the obvious changes about shooting in the new game:

  • The power bar takes longer to fill up (longer to reach maximum power)
  • Since 360 dribbling is in effect, it is hard to recreate the same shot on a precise angle.
  • Shooting while fully sprinting is now nearly impossible
  • Chip shots look similar but are easier to perform regardless of the advanced goalie AI
  • Free kicks are now extremely easier to score with
  • A majority of shots are low shots as opposed to upper 90 shots.
  • The finesse button is more sensitive and shots using the finesse button are more drastic, meaning you know exactly when a shot is done with the finesse button (r1 on PS).
  • They fixed the kickoff glitch making it almost impossible now to score off a kick-off.

Now all of these features are not bad, and in face the ones above bolded are what I consider advances to making shooting more realistic but keeping it fun.

The general consensus is that Fifa 10 tried to making shooting in the new game as realistic as possible. This leads to an argument whether it is better for a video game to be completely realistic or have some features that define it as a game, which make it more fun to play. Soccer games are no fun if you can't score and frustrating if you work hard creating a scoring chance, and then when you shoot the ball goes nowhere near where your aiming.

I have 1 vote toward fifa 10 not doing a good job changing the shooting system, and would rather have the 09 shooting within fifa 10 for a perfect game. Hopefully they will review this one setback of the game and change it for fifa 11.

Please comment on your shooting expirences and provide links to videos if you have mastered FIFA 10 shooting.

Fifa 10 Advanced Shooting

Do you like the FIFA 10 Shooting more or less than Fifa 2009

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    • shanestyle profile image

      shanestyle 8 years ago


      I agree, I am not very happy with 10. I really liked 09 and thought will a few small changes 10 would be the best game. But they took it too far and messed up a bunch of features..

    • profile image

      miguel 8 years ago

      the worst game ever from fifa 10 i want my money back really