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How to increase your ranking points. Fifa 11 Head to Head Guide

Updated on January 16, 2012

Fifa 11 Head to Head Guide

Okay guys, this is just going to be a short guide on how to get the best out of Fifa 11 on the head to head online mode.

There are many ways in which you can try to get more points from each game that you play to increase your rank. As many Fifa players know if you win against somebody who is rated higher than you then you gain more points at the end of the match.

There are some good ways to make sure you get a good win/loss ratio and there are ways to make sure you get more points.

A way in which to get a good win/loss ratio is by playing people who are of a lower skill, these types of players can be found by going onto the match lobbies, pressing (Y) for xbox 360 and triangle for PS3. This will then give you a list of different matches that are available, whether they are ranked/unranked and what level skill the person hosting the game is. Just simply wait for a ranked game to appear with somebody who has a lower skill than you. You should win the game as you should be a better player, although this is not foolproof. Also you will not gain as many rank points for beating a team.

A way to increase the amount of points you get per game is too use a slightly worse team than your opponent uses. For example if your opponent picks chelsea then you pick liverpool. This works especially well if you have live seasons downloaded and you can pick in form teams such as napoli from serie A league or sunderland from the premier league. These teams are rated low but all of there players are on form quite often therefore making them a good team to be.

A few good players that are very valuable to use for there skills and goal scoring abilities are:

Gerrard (liverpool), Lampard (chelsea), Drogba (chelsea), Van Persie (arsenal), Cavani (napoli), torres (chelsea), Fabregas (arsenal). These are just some players who are deadly from within 25 yards of the goal in open space.

Players such as Squillaci (arsenal), Vidic (man utd), Ferdinand (man utd), Puyol (barcelona), Pique (barcelona) and Chamakh (arsenal) are all deadly in the air especially from corners.

The best way to get these players to score from corners I find is to put top spin on the corners by holding up on the left analog stick and putting 80% (4 bars) of power on the corner, leave the aim of the corner where it starts. I find that I can score roughly half of my corners from this technique and can give you 1-2 goals a game which is a big boost especially in the 90th minute.

Simply put to get the most out of fifa 11 head to head you can play people with less skill which isn't that fun, or download live seasons and beat people with some average teams and gain lots of points while doing so. One game I actually had earlier tonight Cavani (napoli) scored 4 goals in one game for me.

Thanks for reading and remember to check out my other guides. :)


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      alex 5 years ago

      How can i make my unranranked Team into a ranked Team

    • profile image

      alex 5 years ago

      How can i make my unranranked Team intimida a tables Team