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Fifa 11: Hints and Tips for absolute beginners.

Updated on November 30, 2010

If you have read my other hubs on Fifa 11 then you will realise that i consider myself to be an average player. I have however bettered my game from what it was (a compete and utter disaster) In this piece i will share with you a few hints and tips that i've picked up whilst trying to improve my fortunes. These tips are aimed towards less experienced Fifa gamers or people who are just desperately struggling and don't know how to change it. Some of the tips you may know, some you might not. Here's my Fifa 11 guide for beginners.

Targetting Weaknesses

  • This is about targetting individual players in the line ups rather than your opponent (if online) One of the best examples i could give for this is Bayern Munich. They don't have any talent in the left back department so i target that area of the pitch by making sure that there is a fast tricky winger up against him at all times. I just think it's a waste if the left back is allowed an easy ride against a slower player so if I'm playing as Man City for instance (against Bayern) then i'd personally prefer to have Shaun Wright-Phillips in the line up for his blistering pace, despite James Milner being the better overall player in that role.

Substitutes and Game changers

  • I'd hazard a guess that i win over 50% of my matches through the influence of substitutions. When i pick my team i often leave 2 or 3 really strong players on the bench, due to importance they will have in the last 30 mins. This might mean fielding a slightly weakened line up from the start of the game. For instance i often start with David Bentley on the right hand side for Spurs and bring Aaron Lennon on against a tired full back later on. I also like to have a pacy striker on the bench along with a clever playmaker if possible, to change i see fit at the time.
  • As a stoke fan i often play as my beloved team and one of the best and most suprising game changers for me is Ricardo Fuller. I never start with him but i always bring him on for the last 30 mins. His pace stats aren't incredible (in the 70's) but against defenders who have had a battering from Kenwyne Jones, and Tuncay all game he looks like Usain Bolt. He also has great strength and often holds his defenders off really well. Matt Derbyshire of Birmingham is another one of my super subs. I start with Cameron Jerome and bring Derbyshire on late on. The amount of goals he's scored when coming off the bench is incredible. I tend to use him more when i'm winning by a single goal and my opponent is pushing for an equaliser. Having someone with pace (preferably fresh from the bench) left up front when your opponents need to score is priceless and is something i do every single time.

Create and practice Set pieces

  • I always make sure that i create a few custom corner kicks before i start matches. It's no good setting them up if you don't practice them beforehand though. I monitor the runs that my players make and try to put the ball in the most dangerous area according to the runs this. I don't tend to do this with free kicks as they never seem to pay off for me personally.
  • I consider getting free kick in shooting range a great opportunity. That's why i practice them from time to time. To make sure i know at what power i need to hit the ball and try to get my angles right. If you get the ball on target three things could happen, 1) you could score, 2) you could force the keeper to turn it around for a corner (yet another opportunity to score) 3) The keeper could save it. The only possibility if you hit it over the bar is a goal kick to your opponents and a good chance wasted. Don't ever underestimate the importance of a set piece.
  • Now and again i come across online players who move their wall when i have a free kick. What they are doing is trying to predict where i'm going aim for when striking at goal, but what they are really doing is creating a better opportunity for me. If i am about to take a free kick with a right footed player when the ball is central and the keeper is in the middle of the goal then i tend to aim for the goalkeepers top left hand corner. When the opponent then moves his wall a little to my right anticipating this he leaves a gap (sometimes not much of one but enough) which lets me hit a drilled shot to the goalkeepers right. The least i ever get is a corner but most of the time i tend to score. I never understand why players move their walls but i always try to take advantage when they do. Just be quick when they move the wall so they don't have time to realise their mistake.

Here's a good Free Kick tutorial i found on Youtube.

Don't be too predictable

  • Mixing your game up is an essential part of Fifa 11. Don't let yourself become predictable. Make sure you keep your opponent guessing. On previous Fifa games i used to get sussed out pretty quickly. My opponent knew what was coming every time and soon adjusted their game to deal with me easily. I personally think the most effective way of scoring goals on Fifa is from wing play but that doesn't mean that every time i get the ball i get it to the winger as quick as possible. I try all different ways of creating chances from a long ball up the front man to win a flick on to passing it around in the opponents half for a while and waiting for an opening.
  • Another thing i make sure i do is move the ball around a lot. It's pointless hanging onto the ball for ages waiting for the opposition to get into position. Move the other team around and try to ruin their shape by playing short simple passes until a gap appears in their defence. If you keep passing it from RM to CM to LM and back then it's so easy for the opposition to defend against and becomes predictable. Don't look for the through ball every singe time. When keeping posession an opportunity will just arise and you just have to be quick enough to put the player through.

Other tips

  • One thing i never do is bring my keeper out of his goal. I love it when my striker has been put through and is heading towards goal and my opponent sends his keeper out as i'm already anticipating it due to the large number of people who do it. I'd personally prefer to leave my keeper in goal and take my chances that the striker will miss.
  • Another thing i don't personally do is drop the ball at the keepers feet when he has it in his hands. I just don't see the need to do it. Either hit it long up the pitch or throw it out to one of your unmarked players. Nothing good ever comes of dropping it at the keepers feet.
  • When i have just scored i make a point of sliding into the player who receives the ball straight from the restart. Whether it's because the players heads are down or just through a lack of concentration (online users). A lot of times i tend to win the challenge and i'm on the attack again. If the shoe is on the other foot then i pass the ball back and try to get down the wing as quick as possible. For some reason i score a hell of a lot of headed goals from crosses straight after the other team has just scored.
  • Anticipating mistakes gets me a lot of goals. The biggest mistakes come from goalkicks when your opponent tries to play a short pass to the nearest defender. I always make sure i'm alert to the possibility of a short pass so i can steal in and nick a goal. For some people a short pass from a goalkick is just a habit they find hard to break.
  • The overuse of the sprint button used to cause me all sort of problems. I rarely had my finger off the R2 button which cause me to lose posession quite a lot. Once i started easing up on my use of the sprint button and actually getting control of the ball my game improved a lot.

So there's my hints and tips guide for beginners. As you can see i'm no master but i have picked up certain things that have definitely improved my game. I hope you have found this hub helpful and if you have any tips for me and other gamers then i welcome any comments below. Thanks for reading.

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    • profile image

      Everett S. Marchand 

      7 years ago

      Fantastic article, I would surely use them on my game play. Thanks

      http://www.fifatutorial.comPlay FIFA Online soccer game – FIFA Tutorial, tips and techniques to win league and manager matches.

    • profile image

      john 67676767 

      7 years ago

      AWSOME hints i feel that i will use them

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      excellent guide. Very helpful thank you.

    • Fuller_legend profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      Katrinasui: Thankyou for reading, glad you enjoeyed the hub.

    • katrinasui profile image


      8 years ago

      I learned a lot from this hub. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. The video is very useful.

    • Kroniksz profile image


      9 years ago from LONDON

      nice hints and tips

      follow me mate


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