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Fifa 11 best formation

Updated on July 28, 2011

What are the best Fifa 11 formations

The best formation in Fifa 11 depends a little on your playing style, but overall there are only 3 options that will lead to the best chance of winning.

Those formations in order of effectiveness and popularity are, 4-1-2-1-2 formation, 4-3-1-2 formation and 4-3-3.

Some people like to play cheap and put 5 defenders in the back with any of the 5 defender formations but that is not any fun just packing it in and hoping for a counter attack.


4-1-2-1-2 is the most popular fifa 11 formation, based on the fact that in ultimate team it costs almost three times as much to train a player 41212 then any other formation. 41212 gives your team great balance.

As quoted from a friend of mine, speaking about his ultimate team containing almost all the superstars, "best formation to get them all involved is 41212, I use IF Ronaldo, IF Villa, If Kaka, IF Hulk and IF Ribery and IF Kaka's is such a phenom, he has played in 24 games and scored 29 goals.

IF Ronaldo and IF Villa have this uncanny understanding, that Ronaldo never had with IF Benzema, and they score a lot, but I used to complaint about my wingers not doing enough for me, but I mastered a few key 5 star skiil moves and now my wingers rock, they go through 3,4, sometimes 5-6 guys just with skill moves, and they open tons of spaces for my main attackers (IF Kaka included). 41212 is the best formation."

Some more backup that 4-1-2-1-2 has some loyal followers, "i love 41212.. gives great balance attacking and defending... i always always play no matter the score on ultra attacking, that way the LM and RM push really high and are always getting behind the Left back and Right back. It is the top formation hands down".


433 is my second favorite formation, and I think it is the most fun of all the fifa 11 formations. It gives you a chance to get your three best players into the attack quickly and work their way in from wide. Anyone who is a fan of skill moves usually perfer 4-3-3 because of the amount of space you have to do the moves from the wingers.

When I use 4 3 3 I purposely play the counter attack and can be extremely effective using the lone strikers as a point man and doing 1,2 passes to get the wingers free. This is somewhat cheap but very easy to use and effective.

This quote about 4-3-3 comes from another friend of mine playing UT, "4-3-3. I need my wingers. I love to cut in with UP Nani, UP Bale, Di Natale, Pato etc. Also, nothing better than a clean cross to a CM who pushes forward."


4312 is a variation of the 4-1-2-1-2 with the CAM moving forward and becoming a center forward. This just puts more offensive players closer to the goal. This is a great formation if your favorite midfield players are better at CM then wide mids. When I use real madrid I usually play 4312 using OZIL, Alonso, and and KAKA at CM. This allows me to get the three great attackers up in the offense. 4312 is an offensive formation as well, and give you tons of chances to score.

Information on FIFA 12 UT is available here. Along with the Best Team in Fifa 12 .

Best Fifa 11 formation

What is the best fifa 11 formation?

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