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Fifa 11 review

Updated on July 28, 2011

Fifa 11 Cover

Fifa 11 for Xbox or PS3

Fifa 11 Review

Fifa 11 is the next game in a long series of EA sports video games. Fifa 11 has some large shoes to fill after Fifa 10 won sports game of the year. Luckily for EA Sports and the Fifa team, they have done a pretty good job with this years game.

This review will mostly highlight the difference between Fifa 11 and Fifa 10. Being a fan of soccer and a consistent player of Fifa each year, I will be able to give gamers the truth about Fifa unbiased like the other reviews floating around on gaming website.

THE GOOD: (game play)

Fifa 11 created an entire new engine for dribbling, tackling, shooting and AI control on offense and defense. This is a significant improvement over Fifa 10. The dribbling now gives the player more control moving side to side and at almost every angle. The skill moves from Fifa 10 to Fifa 11 are pretty much the same, so anyone who practiced the old moves will be happy to know the controls are similar.

Penalty Kick System - Some people will disagree with me believing that the new more difficult penalty kick system is an upgrade. I only think the new system is better because it makes penalties harder to make thus making them unpredictable. Making it tougher to score on penalties has made the shootouts at the end of draws more exciting to play in. I will say that this upgraded system is less realistic, because you do miss them regularly which does not happen in soccer at the professional level.

Feature - Match Highlights - This new feature keeps replays for all the big plays in the game as your playing. At the end of the game you can view your highlights and have the option to upload them and share with your friends. This is a huge upgrade, because you no longer have to pause the game and upload each highlight individually.

THE BAD: (game play)

I am not a fan of the new shooting system, it takes longer for the player to wind up and actually take a shot. It also takes a very skillful player to get the shot on goal with any power. With the upgrade to the goalkeepers which is a good thing, it makes it very hard to score. I am a fan of Fifa games with the score being 3-2, 4-0, basically high scoring. This makes its more fun to play and exciting. This is a problem with Fifa 11, it is very difficult to get open and score. This is also due to the improved defender AI, which is usually in better position than they were in Fifa 10.

Game play speed - Game play speed is one of my biggest complaints thus far. It just seems like there is no sprint function for the players. The slowest of defenders (John Terry) can consistently keep up with the fastest players (Messi, Ronaldo). This gets to be annoying when a good play is setup, but the slow defenders just catch the speed guys and steal the ball.

Online Play - Online play is very similar to Fifa 10, which is why it is in the bad category. Why does it take 4 button presses to get into an online match against someone random. There should be an easier way to start an online match. The online play is still full of glitches and has disconnected for me at least 25% of the time playing so far. Hopefully they update this with a patch soon (PS3).

Defending - The updated defending makes defending easier for everyone. I put this in the bad category because it makes offense harder to create good plays and make the game sloppy. This takes some of the excitement from the game. If you are a defender you make think this is more realistic. I won't disagree it's more realistic but it makes the game less fun.

Overall Fifa 11 is good enough to be purchased and played in place of Fifa 10. The upgrades to the game are exciting and take some time to get used to but I think they will become assets as you learn the game. There are still some things that EA obviously missed in Fifa 11, that also were missing from Fifa 10 but that happens with every game that comes out.

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Fifa 11

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      yup and i definently think that Barca is gonna pwn everyone in their way and Real included!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      it is a good game with excellent graphics & gameplay


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