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Fifa 14 The Wait Begins!!

Updated on May 22, 2013

Fifa 14 Messi Is Coming

A Look Ahead

So as usual we are rapidly approaching the time of year when the rumors start building towards what the new addition of EA'sFifa series will be like, People are starting to speculate on both the forums and also social media such as face book and twitter. When is it out, What new changes will be made and how great will it be this year?, will it be just a revamped edition or like Fifa 12 was, nearly a totally new game.

Ea Sports have quashed a lot of these rumors by announcing firstly the existence of the game and also some of the new features that are going to be implemented in the aforementioned game. These feature I will be running you through in this article. I am just going to give you the facts as Ea have explained and then giving you my thoughts on weather they will be a success or rather a disappointment.

We have also just been told that Fifa 14 will be exclusively on the ps4 and also the new Xbox One, The Xbox One though will have some special Ultimate Team Content unavailable to ps4.

Ea Official Pics
Ea Official Pics | Source

Pure Shot

So one of the first things that Ea sports gave us when it came to Fifa 14 information was the concept of Pure Shot, the idea with this concept is to somewhat eradicate the feeling of being able to run diagonally at goal, dink it around two defenders and score the same sort of shot that you see time and time again.

EA wanted you to shout at your mates "Did You see that goal" not just on the odd occasion but always, they wanted you to have to work slightly harder to score the goal but that is what will make it feel that much sweeter.

Players will now adjust their stride and angle of shot before hitting the ball, a Well hit ball will now feel well hit when you release that button, You will really get a feel for the sweet spot on the ball and as such your goals will feel so much better when they hit the back of the net.

Although all of the above makes for a better shot, it wont always be that way, With your player constantly adjusting and preparing for the shot it could mean that sometimes he will have to rush a shot or indeed hit one while off balance or not in the right position, This should lead to not only great goals but also dreadful misses!!.

Most of the clipping which happens when graphics and animation of players cross over and you get players legs going through each other etc, this will be eliminated nearly which can only mean a greater sense of realism.

There will be more to come from EA on the pure shot and I will keep you informed.

Fifa 14 Preorder

Protect The Ball


Protect Your Ball

When your team have the ball then in a sense it is YOUR ball, Why should your opponent have it!!, New to Fifa 14 is protect the ball. Ea sports use FC Barcelona as an example and suggest that over the course of the season they have retained well over 65% possession which is a scary fact, Ea Have tried to use this as inspiration for this next change to Fifa.

Protect the ball will enable players to fend off and block opponents even when running at full speed, They can use their body to shield the ball even when being jostled and shoved, This is obviously going to be easier for the players with high strength attributes, Take Yaya Toure for example when he is in full flow running at opponents you very rarely see him get jostled off the ball, This is due to his high strength.

Not only can you shield the ball but you are also going to be able to shield the space you are occupying too!, If your in and around the goal waiting for an incoming set piece then you can push and jostle with defenders to make sure you dominate the area.

All in all protect the ball is looking like a game changer!.

Real Ball Physics

We have all seen awesome goals and thought I wish I could score something like that in Fifa, well now that ability is yours to use. Players can now hit a ball and make it dip or swerve as well as being able to drill low powerful accurate shots from outside of the area. All these things combined with the Pure shot will make Fifa 14's Ball physics work wonders. More on this to come.

Teammate Intelligence

Teammate intelligence will only work obviously with single player mode, but how many times have you told the striker to make the run as you hit a through ball and he has either stood there and stared at you or simply made the run too late, This will happen less with the new teammate intelligence, Your defenders will now push up to expose the offside rule and your attackers and midfielders will move away from opposing players to try and let you open up the play a little. This will give greater opportunities to break open defences with awesome passes.

If your losing and time is running down your team will recognise this and push the opposition without you having to choose an attacking play, They will push automatically and this will lead to chances to get the ball back. This looks to be great for career mode and single player games.

When Are You Getting Fifa 14?

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All in all Fifa 14 is shaping up quite nicely and looks to be making some innovative game changes which will hopefully make it a better game all around, I cant wait to see what they have planned for career mode and also Ultimate Team.

I will report back with updates as they happen and look forward to seeing you all online on Fifa 14

First Look


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    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 4 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      I think just pure gaming maybe the PS4 but for overall entertainment I would say the xbox one, Movies, games and television all in one handy console. Im plumping for the Xbox one

    • Mini Man Me profile image

      Mini Man Me 4 years ago

      yes, me too. Out of interest, which console do you think looks like the better option this generation. I'm thinking the Xbox One but a lot of my friends disagree and I would appreciate your opinion

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 4 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Thanks mini man, Yes it is out on the 27th Sept for xbox 360 and ps3, and then released on the new consoles sometime later in the year. I will get it on 360 and then wait for fifa 15 on xbox one i think

    • Mini Man Me profile image

      Mini Man Me 4 years ago

      Great hub, always enjoy reading yours :)

      Just a quick note though, after reading this I checked on amazon and i saw Fifa 14 for Xbox 360 as a pre order option, so I don't think it will be exclusively Xbox One and PS4