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FUT 16: How To Save Coins

Updated on April 8, 2016


They are a means to an end. Having enough coins can allow you to get those players you oh-so- desperately want. From the Team Of The Year Messi to the Record Breaker Vardy, coins will make your squad shine with blue and black and gold. Unfortunately, they are hard to come across. Players spend hours upon hours playing the transfer market for a minuscule return. Some go as far as to buy the coins, or FIFA Points if they just want packs. If you so desire, you can find hundreds upon hundreds of articles, videos and guides on how to make coins. But have you ever thought of it the other way round? How about saving coins?


Coins come as a side effect of playing games. Many players, unless they are starting out, can overlook this steady income in favour of quick cash injections. There is no easy way to make coins in FIFA, but this is the most enjoyable. Every game should, on average, net you 500 coins. This comes round to 5000 coins a season, without the bonuses. Some players may think these coins are only enough to get through the team's expenses, with a small profit. They are wrong. Read on to find out how to keep your coins in your wallet.

Do Not Buy Packs

Packs are the bane of your existence. They sit there, enticingly shiny with the allure of the most coveted players only a few buttons away. You. Must. Resist. Let's think logic.

They're not worth it,  trust me
They're not worth it, trust me | Source

Lets say you want a Messi. You open a regular 7.5k Premium Gold Pack. On average, it will bring 1 gold rare player. Accounting for card weight, the chances of getting Messi are 1 in 60000. You would, on average, spend 450000 coins on packs before getting Messi. Now that EA have introduced price ranges, just save up your money and buy the players.

It may be hard, as EA will do all it can to make you buy packs. A large portion of EA's revenue comes from players buying FIFA Points to buy packs. As such, they have made it as tempting as possible to buy packs. You may see YouTubers doing pack openings and getting amazing players, but they don't show you the hundreds of useless packs they opened, and it's quite easy to see they make a net loss every time. In short, buying packs is gambling, and the odds are stacked against you.

Fitness Squads

A common complaint from players who play many games is fitness. At the minimum, they end up having to buy 1 gold rare squad fitness card per season, which is an automatic 1000 coins down the drain. 20% of your earnings disappeared into thin air. Fitness squads are a relatively easy way to combat this, but they require some infrastructure.

Squad fitness cards are often the cheaper option
Squad fitness cards are often the cheaper option | Source

Basically, you need 2 squads of similar quality. Each squad has space for 7 substitutes and 5 reserves. Put Squad A in the subs and reserves of Squad B, and vice versa. This way, as one squad plays, the other regenerates fitness. Some people will go on to whine about the troubles of purchasing an entire new squad. If said player's main squad is extremely expensive and they play in a high division, then this complain is not unfounded. Fortunately, there is a solution for this too. Do the fitness squads tactic, but with your weaker squad play either an offline game or a tournament game. This way your squad regenerates fitness and you get some cash. This does, however, halve your season progress. Either way, though, there is no need to splash the cash on pricey fitness cards. If you possess any, sell them for a healthy 1000 coins each.

Buy Players During Market Crashes

Like clockwork, the FUT market has its ups and downs. There are times when the prices of certain players will skyrocket, and times when they will sink. We are interested in the latter. Say you have your eyes on a couple players that are out of your reach. You will be happy to know that their prices are not set in stone. is a great tool to use is a great tool to use | Source

A great time to buy a player is the hour before the Team Of The Week is released, as that is when people sell their players at low prices to raise funds. This is a regular occurrence, so watch out for it and try to do your buying then. This is amplified when Team Of The Year or Team Of The Season is released. Something about those blue cards is seductive enough to coerce people into selling their best players for cheap, just to open packs in the hope of getting one. Pity them, do not join them. Prices drop significantly in these periods, so be sure to take advantage.

Overall, look for special players being released. If, at the same time, 100k or 50k packs are released then the prices will drop even more. A good website for checking the price statistics of players is Check hourly prices, and buy them when you think they have hit rock bottom. With careful timing, you can get players up to 50% off!

To Conclude

While I can't offer you a sure-fire way to make hundreds of thousands of coins an hour (yet), I feel these tips are still essential. With patience you can come out with a decent sum of coins while still enjoying the game. You will need to avoid packs like the plague, rotate squads, and time your purchases carefully but in the end you will come out more coins than you would otherwise.


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