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Fighting Games For PCs

Updated on January 9, 2015

Fighting Games are for Winners

Fighting games enable the player to choose from an array of characters in order to have one-on-one fights on the screen. Each fighter has distinct strengths, powers and weak spots. Fighters also have unique personalities, some of which have become legendary in the video game world. You can be a kumite fighter, a mutant monster, an Air Force pilot or a Japanese schoolgirl. What matters is how well you use these characters to your advantage. The point of the game is to defeat every fighter, and to crown yourself as the victor.

Mortal Kombat 4

"Mortal Kombat 4" is the late title of this franchise, specially released for PC's. What's special about this title is that it remakes the original arcade version of "Mortal Kombat." Players can enjoy all the missions, combos and well-known characters. This time --however--, graphics are in 3D, so the experience of the fight itself is incredibly real. You’ll end up believing you are really the Zub Zero villain or Shao Kahn.

Celebrity Deathmatch

This unique fighting game is the adaptation of the popular MTV clay animation show of the same name. You’ll get the opportunity to fight and kick celebrities like Tommy Lee, Jerry Springer, Justin Timberlake, or Carmen Electra. Graphics aren’t anything from outer space, though. The main attraction here is that "Celebrity Deathmatch" contains various fighting options: tournaments, hardcore fights, and team fights. If you want to see your idols get bashed in, this is the game to go for.

Heavy Weight Thunder

"Heavy Weight Thunder" is a game full of action and hard punches. What makes it special is that you can design your own boxing league with your very own participants, and send them over the Internet to your other gamer friends. You’ll also be able to download other players’ creations, so the fights are never the same.

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011

This series, inspired on the most famous wrestling association shows, have gained a space in the hearts of fighting games fans. In this version you’ll find features like: campaign, exhibition fights, and cage fights. The game features not only the wrestlers that are actually fighting in every night show, but also the classic wrestlers you all love, like: The Undertaker or The Rock. You’ll be able to design your own wrestler too, for a more complete fighting experience.

Street Fighter IV

This is another legendary game that has endured decades of development. This time, the PC version of this well-known fighting game boasts great graphics and new features. It combines the classic 2D fights with a 3D camera that provides every angle in every round. There are nine fighters which you’ll have to unlock in the different tournaments throughout the game.


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