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Spider Fighting in the Philippines

Updated on August 29, 2016
Fighting spiders taken from the matchbox. Using a special home made stick, Choy takes out the spiders one by one.
Fighting spiders taken from the matchbox. Using a special home made stick, Choy takes out the spiders one by one. | Source

Spider Fighting in the Philippines, Visayas region

In a tropical country with only two seasons, the dry and the wet season, many traditional games and hobbies still exist today.

Indoor activities are few compared with outdoor activities. One of the exciting outdoor activities is the spider fighting.

In the night of early summer in the year 2013, a guy named Choy, of about 26 years of age, gathered his belongings to go for spider hunting since spider fighting was a trend that time. It was a lonely night within the bushy area of his grandma. He brought friends with him, some flash lights and spider cases. (Matchbox is very common for spider case)

Choy's adventure reminded him when he was younger. He was very much happy to feel like a child again playing with this wonderful creature. They started hunting around seven in the evening. His stomach was like boiling from the excitement felt when he saw the first spider web outlined by the reflection of the flashlight. They went home around 9 PM.

All in all, he captured 12 good fighting spiders. (not all spiders in the country are fighting spiders like camel spiders, pikdot, tambayawan, onggoy-onggoy, kaka-bahay, tapay-tapay, etc.-sorry I don't know some local spider name in English)

The next morning, Choy was ready to choose the best fighting spiders for the local competition. In choosing the best fighters, Choy sacrificed some spiders to fight against each other. The winners are considered the best ones.

Another spider taken
Another spider taken | Source
Spider Fighting with a stick.
Spider Fighting with a stick. | Source

Steps in spider fighting arena:

1. Fighting stick of about two feet (not standard, some use thicker thread) is held horizontally and parallel to the ground.

2. A soft cloth should be place at the bottom (not touching the ground) to serve as the padding when any of the spiders is dropped.

3. At the start of the game, both spiders are placed at both sides of the fighting stick simultaneously with the referee's go signal.

4. Let the spiders crawl and fight. (naturally, spider fight if they encounter in one path)


1. The drop of any spider means a score to the other spider who is not dropped.

2. Two drops mean the fight is over.

3. If the two fighting spiders stop fighting even with or without points it means automatically draw.

4. Only the referee could decide the final decision for the winner or if it is draw.

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