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Final Fantasy XII - Final Fantasy 12 - The Best Role Playing Videogame, Nuff Said!

Updated on November 21, 2013

Final Fantasy 12 Photos

Final Fantasy XII For The Playstation 2 Delivers

Final Fantasy XII (Final Fantasy 12) is the best fantasy role-playing videogame that was ever created. Square Enix did a fantastic job on bringing what fantasy role-playing video game fans want and that is:

  • Powerful intriguing storyline - after watching the opening movie and hearing how the characters speak - you will be hooked!
  • Several classes of races; Hume, Vierra, Moggle
  • Intuitive battle system - the red lines mean the enemy is looking for you, the blue lines mean your character is within attacking range to kill the enemies.
  • Level Up License Board - Leveling up has never been so fun. Your characters can level up into mages, archers, swordsman, depending on what you want and each area of the board enhances that specific class.
  • Wonderful soundtrack - if you like Final Fantasy music, you will love the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XII. The music has a wide range of spiritual new age to pumping rock music to soft woodwinds playing to sunshine glowing in a green meadow.

The Storyline Will Immerse You Into Ivalice - The World of Final Fantasy XII

In the videogame world, having a strong storyline sets the stage for the rest of the entire game and Final Fantasy 12's storyline doesn't disappoint. The game starts off in the middle of a battle between two kingdoms. Flying spaceships and large battleships that run on "magic" pulls you right into all the action and it feels like you're in Star Wars. After the epic introductory battle, you are then introduced to the games hero, Vaan, who lives his life as a theif and he constantly daydreams with his fellow friend, Penelo, about becoming a sky pirate someday. As the game progresses, more and more characters join your party and your mission is to stop the judges and their master from controling the world. No videogame would be complete without major plot twists and Final Fantasy XII surely delivers!

The Quick and Smart Battle System

The battle system is fun in Final Fantasy XII. Battles take place from a "live" point of view with the exception of the boss characters. In other words, as you approach enemies in the world, the game screen doesn't change at all. You basically fight enemies whether you run or walk into them which again, submerses you in the middle of all the action. Great job Square Enix!

Level Up Using The License Board and Collect All 10 Espers, If You Can Find Them In Ivalice

Leveling up in Final Fantasy XII takes place on a license board and each ability or weapon can be unlocked with license points (LP). To gain license points, you must defeat enemies and the more enemies you defeat, the more license points you obtain. Defeating tougher enemies and boss characters lands you more license points. Equipping certain weapons and accessories to each character individually increases the amount of license points for that character. As you unlock abilities on the license board, the board opens up more and shows what stronger abilities can be purchased next with license points. Unlocking the license board is fun because you don't know what abilities will open up next. You could get a new battle magic spell or an increase in hit points (HP).

A Wonderful Soundtrack

Music in a videogame is just as important as its storyline. The music in Final Fantasy XII is so beautiful, your ears will want to buy the soundtrack! From big and bold sounds of brass instruments and percussion during battle sequences, to soft flutes and woodwinds in a grassy meadow, the music in this videogame creates suspense, fear, and joy for the gamer. Playing a videogame should immerse the player into the world not as much as the storyline but the soundtrack too and the music of Final Fantasy XII does just that. Imagine listening to a soundtrack that you don't like and having to play a videogame to that soundtrack? You would turn the game off! Well Final Fantasy XII will make you leave the game on!

Characterization and Voice Acting

The voice-acting in Final Fantasy XII is superb! It really adds "value" to the game by bringing out the personalities of each individual character. Throughout the story there will be many cut-scenes with character voices but don't worry, these scenes draw you more into the videogame because they create suspense and we all want to know what happens next.

Cut-Scenes That Blend Smoothly Between Gameplay and Storyline

The cut-scenes in Final Fantasy XII are also superb with eye-popping CGI animation and each scene looks so natural, it feels like the characters are right there in your television. Many videogame magazines have reviewed Final Fantasy XII as the best and last videogame with the best graphics because of the surrealness it portrays to players.

A Very High Replay Value

Once you buy this videogame, you will not want to turn your Playstation 2 off! The world in Final Fantasy XII is huge and I literally mean that. Dungeons and towns are vast and deep. The monster bestiary is filled with more than a hundred different monsters and I haven't included the bosses yet. This is the Final Fantasy videogame of the decade. Get your copy today before its too late! Some videogame review magazines, after defeating the final boss in Final Fantasy XII, have quoted, "I didn't want this game to end."


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