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Final Fantasy 3 Nintendo DS Walkthrough Part 1

Updated on September 5, 2016
Crystal N' Friends
Crystal N' Friends | Source
Goblin hole A.K.A crystal's house
Goblin hole A.K.A crystal's house | Source
The first town, I don't remember the name
The first town, I don't remember the name | Source
Two guys with weird names
Two guys with weird names | Source

Part 1: Preparations

Firstly, to start off, in the beginning, I'll be playing this on an R4 card because I am not good at this game. I played it like 5 years ago and after 20 hours of fighting Goblins I decided that there was a lot of TV to be watched and other games to be played. After five long years I decided to return to the land of Midgar, and that is where our story begins....

Gathering Supplies

Before starting the game, I realized that a measly x1 experience per battle just wasn't enough, so I took it upon myself to turn on a slight EXP multiplier. So with a x128 EXP multiplier the game will go a bit smoother. You'll want to make sure to have infinite Gil because why not? After you have gathered the necessary cheats, it's time to start our quest! If you want, you can turn on "have all items/weapons/spells" but that's just cheating.

Starting The Game

When the game starts, your character falls in a hole for some reason, now you can name your character, I named him "Saya" after a guy I know, and then gets jumped by some Goblins, luckily for us, we have the A button! Mash until they're dead and move on. Oh one more thing, the EXP multiplier may or may not have leveled us up to level 99, whatever. There are some chests in this cave, like 4 I think, grab them if you want you're level 99 who cares. There's a sword in one of these and you might want it to kill things harder with.

So long story short you go up some stairs and a crystal, which from here on out we'll call "Crystal", sicks a turtle on you and here we have our first boss. This may seem a bit soon for a boss, but luckily our trusty A button will make shot work of it. Mash it until Turtle disappears and then Crystal tells you something, I don't know I usually skip the text. You can read it if you want. Now you're on the surface and on the Overworld map. The cave closes behind you and now you can walk into town to see more story. An old guy tells you some stuff about that girl Crystal you just talked to and after talking to Obi-Wan you can explore town to find your friend being bullied by some little kids. He leaves to go ghost busting or something, and you can follow him from here. There are a lot of items in chests in this town, grab them if you want.

A .jpeg of that castle I was talking about
A .jpeg of that castle I was talking about | Source
This is clearly not my save file.
This is clearly not my save file. | Source

Part 2: The Next Part

So after doing whatever you did in the first town we follow our friend, from now on known as "J3rry" you'll see a bunch of people outlines, or "ghosts". I guess this is what J3rry was talking about when he ran away. So after talking to all of these chalk outlines they tell you that some Jeannie type of Character, a Djinn if you will, put a curse on them because of their sweet rings and Ginny is a very jealous man apparently. So that definitely happened and one of the big outlines tells you that he has a Skyboat in the dirt left of this town, and tells you "finders keepers bra". So leave this town and go left into the big dirt patch on the world map and a Boatplane will appear and when you get inside you'll find a girl in there, we'll call her "bebe" because why not. So she says some stuff, and after pressing A a whole bunch you'll need to fly the Aircanoe left, towards the big castle. There's a cave north of there, did you see it? but whatever. You'll meet a blonde guy who says some words and lets you in, walk inside and eventually you'll find King Stick Figure who talks at you for a while, and then Blonde guy joins you. Name him "Tiny" for dramatic effect.

So get on your Pirateplane and go to the cave I told you to ignore earlier, apparently that's where Genie Hackman lives. I got lost a few times in this cave so don't ask me where to go. There were a lot of creatures wanting to fight me in here, so watch out for that, but not really because you're level 99. So run around until you find the Genie, and also the King's daughter is in here too, so find her because she's important. She has a ring that is definitely probably magic. Don't worry about enemies or anything because you're level 99. After one battle all of your party will be instantly leveled up to 99, neat!(you turned on cheats, right?) There's some stuff in here if you want it, and one of the skulls is actually a switch! Who knew? So after a while you'll find Girl Frodo and her ring, and she joins you so that's cool. Sometimes she cuts ahead in battle and does spells before you can attack, which is rude. You can't turn that off, so whatever.

Be sure to save, because my battery ran out once and I had to start from outside the first town, that sucked.

No resemblance.
No resemblance. | Source

Part 3: The End of Part 1

So here we are, we've just about made it to Genie Roddenberry's lair. This cave isn't too big so if you're having trouble, look it up, that's what I did. So we get to the boss room, and surprise surprise, this guy looks nothing like Any of the names I said. Needless to say I was very disappointed, here I was expecting Gene Hackman, and what do I get? A Djinn. A regular old, run-of-the-mill Djinn. So Girl Frodo tries to kill him with her ring, which is totally magic, just like I said, but that doesn't work because Genie Hackman has grown past being petty and getting jealous over such things, but then he goes full hater and attacks you, which I personally didn't see coming. So after the initial shock of being attacked by someone who you THOUGHT was your friend, we find ourselves in battle with this Genie-man/Actor/Lex Luthor. I've found that one of the better strategies for this battle, given that by now you have had adequate time to become comfortable with the game's controls, learn the ins and outs of battle, and get a feel for your characters, is to mash the A button and attack him until he disappears. This should take like a minute tops, you're level 99 remember?

So now that Mr. Hackman is dead the world will never see Superman 7, unless they already made that one, I know they had a T.V. show, but did they ever make a seventh movie? Who cares. Now that the Djinn is dead all of the outline people are real again and then the credits play. At this point I thought I beat the game and walked away for about a week. I was wrong. So a Moogle tells you to get a job or something and now you're on the World Map again. That's where I stopped playing, I got kinda bored and couldn't figure out what to do.

Stay tuned for part 2 once I figure out what to do! I hear there's a dragon or something. I hope this game isn't too long.

I say dumb stuff on Twitter too @danny_saya

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