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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - What could go right or wrong?

Updated on August 24, 2015

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

At E3 we saw this trailer that blew us all away. This was something in the works that we did not know was coming right away. We predicted something of the sort with some remastering of other Final Fantasy games done before with X and X-2.

The visuals we see were are on amazing and what we wanted to see when we want an updated Final Fantasy 7.

But what can we expect from a game remade like this? There are some good things we can see coming, but what things could we see going wrong with a system like this?

Could be battling like Kingdom Heart?
Could be battling like Kingdom Heart? | Source

What is the combat like?

We aren't going to see huge large changes with how materia will be set-up for combat, that much we are pretty certain to see stay. But we may have some other changes that could happen with this combat system. If you were expecting it to be the same as the older game, well I got some bad news if you wanted a one to one ratio for that,

As said in the Official PlayStation magazine from the head director of the game Nomura,

And of course, that being said we want to clarify: We’re not going to be changing it into a shooter or something like that. We are going to be bringing dramatic changes, but we want to make sure it’s still recognizable.

So what could this mean for the gameplay itself. As above this could mean we are seeing something like Kingdom hearts or Final Fantasy XV which seems to favor more action RPG kind of game-play over the active time battle. He makes it clear he does not want to make it too far off from the original. So we aren't going to see that paradigm shift that a lot of people didn't like from Final Fantasy XIII. I think we will more likely see a mix between the two of the new style and the old while retaining the materia system with maybe a few new ones with some changes.


Visual Differences

The visuals are going to be taking a large change with the almost twenty year gap between the release of both titles. Before the graphics, lets be honest they haven't aged well. Final Fantasy games on the 8-bit side at least have a charm to them that keeps them relevant and age fine, where on the world map, the towns and some cut scenes it hasn't aged that well. The blocky fore arms with the thinnest ways to connect them to the shoulders, the faces with only eyes.

The in combat models are fine and have ages alright for what has changed over time.

We can expect the visuals to still be incredibly stunning. Final Fantasy, even the ones people think are bad, have had amazing visuals. Visual are not where these games could suffer. Visual have always been one of Final Fantasy's mains strengths as an RPG title.

We can expect the models, towns and combat to look a lot better from the older released title way back in 1997.

The Music of the Game

The Music that might be to come

The new music of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Let's face it, we can only see it go up from here. Just like the visuals, this game will experience a huge upgrade in terms of the audio quality. The second video above is from the Final Fantasy Concert in 2004. This is just a taste of how the music of the game can be better with a full orchestration. Many of the older tunes that had a very PlayStation one kind of feel to it will now have a fully upgraded soundtrack.

Some people are bothered by this. The old music did have that kind of levity to it where you could listen it it perfectly fine as the older music still has charm to it. You aren't going to be bothered by it listening to it. Still some people consider it a betrayal to have it change this much, but I'm not sure why.

They are getting the music in an upgraded form and possibly made to sound even better in the long run. We want to see games move forward, staying in nostalgia can sometimes be a bad thing like in this situation.

What could happen with the story of Final Fantasy 7?

What could happen with the story of Final Fantasy 7?

Worries about a changing story in Final Fantasy 7?

Many people are worried about the goofier moments of this game being removed or some changes in the story. This game is being remade again so what could happen with the story that could be changes for the better or the worse?

Main plot points like Aeris dying I don't think they would dare change. There might be some post game content or some sort of additional content that lets her keep playing at some point, it is possible. In terms of the story as a whole I do not think they would change it or any of the other main plot points of the game.

What might change, and this is more likely, is some of the comedy of the game. Remember Cloud in a hit tub full of dude in speedos? Cloud dressing up as a girl to get into the Don's palace and then implying they are going to hit Don in the balls to get information out of him? Many of the other comedic moments of this game might be seeing changes due to the sort of more realistic tone shift of Final Fantasy has had. I still question if it is possible to keep these in since Kingdom Heart can keep these seemingly without an issue, though that is also involved with Disney and not Square Enix alone.

That would be the only worry I would see people having with this game changing. The main story I don't foresee them changing at all.

Overall what could change with Final Fantasy 7?

I don't think anyone should be expecting the visual and music to change for the worse. They will change for the better and this is for sure given this is Final Fantasy being iconic with being amazing in these areas. These will end up making the remake great.

Combat and the story, more so the combat, will be seeing some changes to what occurs. We have not seen the combat yet, only little tid bits from the Nomura telling us what will be happening. He seems to at least be promising that it's not going to change in a way it won't be at least similar to the original. We can only wait and see what happens in that department.

The story I do not see the main story changing, the backlash would be huge if they made large changes to the story. The side stuff like as the comedy are where I see the story possibly changing due to tone shifts. I'm hopeful this does not change but we can again wait and see what happens with this game when it gets released.

Overall I am still excited, I can see somethings changing for the worse in combat, but I am still hopeful with how Final Fantasy XV turned out with the demo. I will update and post as we see new information surface. For now I wait with anticipation to see how the final product turns out.

Are you excited for the Final Fantasy 7 remake?

Are you excited for the Final Fantasy 7 remake?

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