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Final Fantasy: Has the franchise been in downfall after their so-called best titles?

Updated on January 31, 2013
Lightning | Source

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children E3 Trailer

This franchise goes all the way back to the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with their first title: Final Fantasy. This game along with Final Fantasy II have been remade for different consoles as videogame collections. They've come a long way from then, as now we're up to Final Fantasy XIV, and they've done some animated movies as well.

It goes without saying that this franchise has had a lot of sucess throughout the years, hence, why they've done so many titles. But many fans haven't been happy with the most recent games, and so many fear that their golden age is past behind them.

There's been quite a debate over the years as of which has been the best Final Fantasy game up until now. The most voted are Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII, although some also consider (my personal favorite) Final Fantasy VIII and even Final Fantasy X as the best. I've played all of them except for the online ones (XI and XIV), and all of them have cool features, or even the story, that the others lack, and viceversa.

The last single player title, Final Fantasy XIII, has gotten many mixed reviews. I personally love the main character, Lightning, which has been said to be the female version of Cloud. The only thing I didn't quite like about the first FFXIII, was its linearity, in a series that excels in open-worlds and exploring - it was somehwat of a let down to not be able to freely explore until way later in the game, but it wasn't a game-breaker for me. In FFXIII-2 they made it more exploring frienly, though it was still restricted.There are still two other titles in the FFXIII saga (Lightning Returns and Versus XIII), with the latter taking a really long time to be finished since its announcement. So we'll have to wait and see how these titles do.

Maybe it's just my love for this franchise, but I'm sure as hell their best days are still not behind Square. I did like the older titles better, due to their longetivity, story and some other features, but I really don't dislike the latest ones. I think it's just a minor detour (I say minor because I don't see them as bad as other fans see them), but they'll get back on their feet, hopefully Versus XIII which looks very promising, will live up to its potential and bring this franchise back on its feet.

Which Final Fantasy series has been the best so far?

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    • Vlorsutes profile image

      Vlorsutes 4 years ago from Ohio

      I have to disagree with you Willsummerdreamer. As someone that has been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise for many years, having played every mainstream Final Fantasy title up short of XIV, I'd have to say that XIII is probably the weakest entry yet. The characters were boring, the combat system was a huge step backward from XII, the story was dull, and the exploration was nonexistent for over half the game (and when exploration did come into play, it was uninspired).

      If XIII is an indicator as to where the franchise is heading, then I feel they need to turn around and take a look at their older games to get an idea of what really works. Final Fantasy VI is a prime example of the kind of game that Square Enix needs to try and "duplicate" in terms of character development, memorable villains, questing, etc, not waste time and money with further iterations of a "female Cloud" or equally uninspired games.

      Though I don't agree entirely with some of what you have to say FSD, I thought this was still a good read.

    • Willsummerdreamer profile image

      Will English. 4 years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

      Has the series been in downfall? No, I don't think so either, because both 13 and 13-2 were great games and they laid a solid foundation for future titles to build on. I will say, though, that I don't think that Square has fully adapted yet to how gamers tastes have changed in the years since FFX, in America and Europe at least. I agree that the series has to move on as a franchise to survive, but how to do that and not get unjustly crucified for it, I don't know...well ok I think of a few small way: finish Final Fantasy Versus XIII, rename it Final Fantasy XV (because, lets be honest, associating it with FF13 at this point is probably gonna put a lot of people off from buying it and besides which, Versus just a really dumb name) and keep the FF brand out of the MMO market from now on. But thats just what I think.

      Anyway, good hub man.