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Final Fantasy: Which Hero Are You?

Updated on April 3, 2015
Protagonists of Final Fantasy 1-10
Protagonists of Final Fantasy 1-10 | Source

Final Fantasy's Origins

Final Fantasy (FF) started in 1987 as a man's dream to create one last video game before his funding ran out. A surprise hit, the game influenced the creation of many sequels, taking us to several worlds and exploring many characters. Squaresoft, the company behind FF, has morphed into Square Enix, but continues to develop mystical adventures. Whether or not you've played the games, you can take our quiz to determine which character most suits you! I've attempted to take personalities from a plethora of different games in the series; hopefully you'll enjoy your result! And no worries, there aren't any major spoilers ahead.

About the Author

I've grown up playing the Final Fantasy series; I can hardly get enough of them! I've beaten most of the main games (the ones with numericals numbers, like Final Fantasy 8), and also experienced many of the spin-offs. FF 10 for the PlayStation 2 (or Playstation 3 if you play the remastered version) is my favorite game, and female protagonist Yuna from the same title remains my favorite character from any of the games.

Once you've determined your match, take a look at some artwork of the results, and listen to the characters' themes. Let's begin!

Your Result

Which protagonist are you?

See results

Did you enjoy the quiz? Check out the various results and themes below!

Shadow and his companion Interceptor
Shadow and his companion Interceptor | Source


You are the ruthless ninja Shadow, hailing from Final Fantasy 6. You demand compensation for your services; some claim you'd slit your own mother's throat for a nickel. Still, you work to protect the planet. You keep your age to yourself, and come and go as you please. In battle, you are a formidable fighter, wielding knives and daggers. Your only true companion, the dog Interceptor, aids in you in vanquishing monsters. You've even got your own Western-reminiscent theme.

Tifa Lockhart
Tifa Lockhart | Source

Tifa Lockhart

You are the resolute Tifa Lockhart, from Final Fantasy 7. Some admire you only for your looks, but you know there is much more to you. You are smart, and willing to believe in the goodness of people, even in testing circumstances. You have faced the death of loved ones, being rejected by the one you love, and owning your own business. And despite your struggles, you have developed into a powerful combatant (using nothing but your own fists) and loyal friend. With time, you know you can find happiness. You've also got your own relaxing theme.

Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart | Source

Squall Leonhart

You are the pessimistic Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8. Despite your battle talents and popularity, you feel life is made of a series of hardships. You keep many thoughts to yourself; however, your friends are starting to get you to warm up. Even at a young age, you are challenged with many responsibilities and burdens. Your past remains something of an enigma, and you are afraid of losing the one you love. One image of you from FF8 scares many gamers to this day. At least you possess a theme composed of rock music.

Rikku | Source


You are the energetic Rikku (Not be confused with the male Riku from Square Enix and Disney's Kingdom Hearts series), coming from Final Fantasy 10. You are cheerful, energetic, and completely loyal to your loved ones. You'd pick them over the world, if it came to it. You are an agile fighter, wielding various knives and explosives to attack adversaries. You may come off as shallow, but you possess a surprising number of skills. For example, you can hold your breath for many minutes, and you are fluent in multiple languages. Oh, and you have a brother literally named.. Brother. Your theme matches your optimistic personality.

Auron | Source


You are the mysterious Auron, encountered in Final Fantasy 10. Who you are and what you've done aren't entirely known, but you are hailed as a legendary warrior. You help defend the world against evil, and you know many answers that your companions seek. However, you choose to reveal only what they need to hear, deciding to let them discover the truth themselves. You may seem apathetic, but you simply care in your own way. You are a dedicated friend, mentor, and ally. Your theme reflects your enigmatic nature.

Sazh Katzroy
Sazh Katzroy | Source

Sazh Katzroy

You are the laid-back Sazh Katzroy from Final Fantasy 13. Your dry humor and your afro cause some to write you off as a goofy and aging man; afterall, you do keep a young chocobo (yellow bird) in your hair. Regardless, you are a dedicated father and worthy combatant. You wield twin pistols with surprising accuracy. You are also a talented pilot, easily maneuvering crafts of all sizes. Though terrible crimes have been committed against your loved ones, you may yet find the compassion in your heart to forgive. Despite often being underestimated, you remain a kind and empathetic character. Your theme mirrors your calm personality.

Hopefully you're satisfied with your result. Come back for more quizzes; perhaps we'll next determine which villain from Final Fantasy matches us. Regardless, thanks for reading!

Why do only some characters have last names, you ask? Believe me, I wish I knew.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago from Malabon

      Squall. Cool character and his weapon is good.

      Although auron is my 2nd choice in dis poll

    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      Squall's certainly an interesting character. There are some fun theories regarding him and Final Fantasy 8, too!

    • profile image

      Otatade Okojie 

      5 years ago

      Squall without a doubt because i love to lead, and i dig adventure.



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