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Final Fantasy Record Keeper - RedRyu's Review Corner #4

Updated on November 10, 2015

Final Fantasy Record Keeper


Final Fantasy Record Keeper Trailer

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

When it comes to side final fantasy games, or even sometimes main titles, they can be very hit or miss. Even more so when we consider the last original Final Fantasy game before this one, all the bravest, wasn't received well due to a number of problems with the game.

I can gladly say most if not all of these problems don't exist with this game. If anything I would dare say it is the best free to play game I have played on my phone. When you get a free to play mobile game you sometimes feel like the game will get drowned out with timers or in game currency. This is a game where these are done very minimally and in a way where the option is there but not to the level where it distracts from the actual game.

This is a first for me when working with a mobile game, usually when they are free to play they are made so you will eventually made to where you have to purchase something when it gets to the higher ranks or levels of the game.

You go get better loot at higher ranks but you can play the game to get better and do this without needing to spend money. This game is one of the best for a side Final Fantasy game.

Select Screen


Select Multiple Final Fantasy Games

This game allows you to pick from multiple Final Fantasy games. Every single main game is playable, though you have to unlock them from playing the game but every single one is playable. While this game is going on you can also play from multiple events which all take after different games as well. Then there are other events which might visit some locations to let players be able to gain some loot.

The recharge timer for each point of stamina is 3 minutes. You can in tern do a lot of this game on your own without needing to wait too long. This is easy for people to do on their own. This is a very easy system to work with when it is all for free. Compared to other games with timers this game is very easy to work with. This was the surprising thing for me, a lot of this could have been you have to buy it to gain some worlds or games. But instead it keeps it simple with just making it so you unlock more stamina, some equipment and orbs/spells to cast combat with.

This is a rare thing for me to see in a game. So many would take advantage of this to force people to pay money for exclusive stuff, but instead this is all done to where you can go to each world.

When I say go to each world it isn't you playing it like a final fantasy game with an over-world, rather it is just the combat as each place is represented by just battles. This is akin to puzzles and dragons to where you don't really travel in a dungeon like an old school final fantasy game but rather you perform the combat. For this it works, this is a simple stamina based mobile game, as such I am not bothered that this has it as just combat for a free to play game. With the active time battle system used for the whole thing, the combats actually feel like an old school final fantasy game but with some better graphics for pixilated effects.

Final Fantasy Battles


Record Keeper Battles

Like I said above, battles work as active time battle like in past Final Fantasy games. What changed though is how spells and abilities work. When you want to equip and use abilities, you only can use two abilities at a time. Instead of MP to use these abilities you use a set number for them to be used.

Some of this might seem like a set-back since we don't get a full menus of spells and abilities to use with each party member, but it adds to the game itself when it makes you use the equipment you got to plan it out and figure out what would work best for a specific dungeon or boss fight. I can see why this might annoy some people but honestly I found it to be perfectly fine without feeling like it took away from the game.

Then there are soul breaks, which are more or less limit breaks. Each character has an innate ability they can use as their limit breaks as their gauge fills up. You can use this to use powerful abilities. To unlock even stronger soul breaks you need to gather and find their equipment just for them to use these other limit breaks.

What comes in addition to this is the ability to summon a character from a friend and use their soul breaks to fight along side of use. But this summoning is limited to only two uses per dungeon. You can pick from a list of numerous players to befriend and find to use their soul breaks along with your own.

I wasn't expecting a full fledged game but I am surprised with what we got for free in this. This is a more simplified final fantasy combat system but it still offers a lot for a free to play mobile game.

Record Keeper Grinding


Farming in Record Keeper

When it comes to games like this a question is what can you get and farm and how?

Mythril is the special in game currency you use to do a lot of the in game tool. You get one for free every day you log in and when you complete a dungeon for the first time. You can use this to gain higher level equipment, refresh your stamina, to rest in a tent or even to redo a fight you lost and gain a power up bonus.

With characters you can unlock a lot of them from the in game normal dungeons. Playing the game and running through it normally will help you unlock all of these. Some characters will rotate in and out with events that will be running where you can unlock them. All you need to do is complete deep enough in a dungeon and you will be able to get these characters.

Each character has memory crystals which let them break the level cap of the game when you hit it and go even higher. Most of these are unlocked in the main game. Some of them are only available to be unlocked in events. Some of which recently were events like the Cloud one which let him break the level cap a second time.

When you are working with levels you can gain them with experience or with growth eggs which are unlocked by finishing a dungeon. Experience leveling up is basic stuff, you gain more overall stats in everything when you level up.

To work with equipment and abilities, you need to gain gil which you get from random drops from monsters or just by completing dungeons.

To gain new abilities you need to create them by gaining orbs and forging them into abilities when you gain enough of each orb. Orbs come in five different variants of rarity which is how you gain higher level abilities. When you want a higher level spell you need to complete harder level dungeons which of course are harder to do and take more stamina.

Equipment is very similar to abilities where they come in different rarities and can be combined to turn them into stronger equipment. The equipment goes up until it hits rank five equipment. When you want higher level equipment you can get them from dungeons or from using mythril to gain equipment from the store for free when you gain 5 of them, which are guaranteed to be rank 3 or higher. This is the only way to get some special equipment and ones that have soul breaks for specific characters. You also can use special ore one for weapons and one for armor which give bonuses when you use them on weapons or armor respectively.

Final Fantasy Theme

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Final Thoughts

When we look at the whole thing, I still stand by it is the best free to play final fantasy game that has been made thus far just for mobile. In addition for this, it's a game that is completely reasonable for people to play for free without needing to pay for it. If you want to, the option is there but you are never forced to do so.

The combat is fun when you can go to different dungeon and fighting through different events that happened in past Final Fantasy games. You are allowed to work with the game to train up and gain gear to help you fight better easily. You can get almost everything just on your own and it is not an unreasonable timer like a lot of mobile games can turn out when they are free to play.

I rate it very highly and find it to be one of the best out there for a free to play mobile experience for an RPG like experience while also working as a Final Fantasy game.

I recommend it easily, this is one of the best mobile games I have played for being free to play and is a great game on it's own being a Final Fantasy game.

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