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Final Fantasy VI Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Updated on July 12, 2011

Minecraft texture packs based on other video games have a tendency to be, how do you say, less than stellar, but this Minecraft texture pack based on Final Fantasy VI is actually a great texture pack with a lot of depth and ambiance.

When it comes to 16x texture packs, I look for several things. First and foremost, I look for a point of difference. It's easy to smooth out all the textures, or make yet another Doku style texture pack. It's not quite as easy to come up with something that feels original, or at least, original to the Minecraft universe.

Thesimple blue GUI ringed with silver gives the game a very JRPG feel. It's safe to say that anyone who grew up with the Final Fantasy series is going to get a pretty solid nostalgia trip when they use this texture pack.

From a general design perspective, there's a depth and grittiness to the textures that I particularly enjoy.Even if you're not particularly attached to the Final Fantasy franchise in any way, there's a decent chance you'll enjoy this pack.

A few specific points to note:

  • Flowers are rendered as low, dense bushes, which I love. It makes for wonderful edging around houses and that sort of thing. Roses are especially pretty.
  • Cobblestone isn't just a different texture from smoothstone, it's a whole 'nother color. This may not make the most sense in the world, but it does add variety to your choices when it comes to building materials.
  • This approach also carries over to tree types. You'll find quite a noticable difference between dark barked wood and lighty barked wood. This difference may not please you entirely, especially if you've gone and built structures out of darker wood.
  • Glowstone looks quite industrial, which works with the slightly dark and grungy nature of the other textures.
  • Speaking of slightly dark and grungy, stone slabs have a great riveted metal texture, which makes them perfect for industrial style creations.
  • Mossy cobblestone looks a lot like 'leafy' cobblestone, so that works well for ruins and whatnot. (It's always nice to start in an entirely fresh world and start tossing ruins everywhere.)
  • Cloth textures are – vibrant. Very vibrant. This isn't any good if you needed a primary color scheme for some reason, but it does work well if you tend to use cloth for decorative purposes, like rugs and whatnot. This cloth is the sort of cloth that will really tie a room together. I have no idea what that expression means, it rather implies that prior to the addition of a rug a room was simply a random space filled with incomprehensible objects that only made sense with the addition of the rug, which seems like rather a large burden to put on some fabric.

Download Final Fantasy VI Minecraft Texture Pack


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