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Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, Part Four: South Figaro Cave

Updated on March 2, 2013

Having fled from the Empire a second time, Terra's now travelling with Edgar and Locke to the town of South Figaro. They hope to use it as a jumping point to reach the base of the Returners, resistance fighters opposed to the Empire - though first they have to get through South Figaro Cave.

After the battle with the Magitek Armors you'll be atop a chocobo. This helpful bird can ferry you anywhere you want to go unmolested, but the moment you jump off it (B button) it will flee. There's little else here for you, so steer is south until you see a cave before you dismount. (If you ever want a quick trip across this desert, you can find a Chocobo Stable hidden in a forest southwest of Figaro Castle. You probably won't even need its services.)

Thieving Guide

Common Steal
Rare Steal

After chatting with a soldier you'll gain access to South Figaro Cave. Directly north of the entrance is a small restorative spring where you can instantly regain all HP and MP. South Figaro Cave is a good place to level, so you may want to use this spring liberally.

(Speaking of levelling, there's an easy way to power through every fight in the cavern, and many others beyond as well. Go into Config on the menu and set Cursor Position to 'Remember'. Get into a battle and have Edgar use his Auto Crossbow. The game will thereafter set Edgar's Auto Crossbow to the default combat selection when his turn comes up, and will only change if you use him for a different move. Quick battles? Yes please.)

Go east from the spring to enter the main section of the Cave. Go west of where you come out to find stairs leading up to an Ether. Descend back into the cave and head east. Follow this path south to find another split; east of this split is another Ether. Head west, ignoring the stairs, and you'll find a Phoenix Down. Return to the stairs and ascend to find your way out of South Figaro Cave. There! That was easy, wasn't it?

Thieving Guide

Common Steal
Rare Steal
Mythril Claw

(As with Narshe, the treasure chests in South Figaro Cave will offer different riches if you postpone opening them to the second half of the game. The first Ether changes twice: if you wait until your second jaunt through here, which isn't too long from now, you'll find a Thunder Rod instead. This item can one-shot kill the boss that follows. Continue to wait and it will turn into a Hero's Ring. The second Ether becomes a Dry Ether if you wait, while the Phoenix Down changes into an X-Potion.)

Beyond the cave you're back on the world map. The enemies have changed out here, and they're tougher than the ones in the plains surrounding Narshe and Figaro. Still, if you've been fighting consistently you should have no trouble surviving the battles ahead. You now have three possible destinations:

  • South of where you come out is South Figaro. Despite previous advice, you can completely skip South Figaro - though it's not the wisest idea.
  • East of the Cave's exit, along the mountain range, is a small cabin. You can sleep in the beds here, and you'll find a Potion in the bucket inside. Edgar will quickly conclude that his brother Sabin was living here, though Sabin isn't home right now. Hrm.
  • Far to the east is Mt. Kolts. This is your ultimate destination, though you should get some new equipment and items before you tackle the mountain.

That's settled, then. South Figaro it is!


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