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Final Fantasy VI walkthrough, Part Twenty: Magitek Factory

Updated on March 13, 2013

The Returners have infiltrated Vector's Magitek Factory, the assembly line for all things Magitek. The Factory leads to the Magitek Research Facility, so the team has little choice but to wade through conveyor belts, lifts and scores of Imperial soldiers to free the espers.

As mentioned in the previous part of the walkthrough, the Magitek Factory is full of enemies that are resistant to physical force. Your best bet is to use special attacks or magic to get through battles. Lacking these you'll have a difficult time in the Factory. Electricity is especially useful against the mechanical enemies inhabiting this area, making the Ramuh esper a great choice.

Go down the first set of stairs and run into the first pipe you see to your left. It will take you to a lower platform with a Flametongue in a chest. Ride the hook to your right over to the main path and use the tube on the right up ahead to find an Ether. Climb back up the tube and take the left one to land on a conveyor belt.

Check the chest to your left for an X-Potion. Ride the conveyor belt to the right and open the chest at the end for a Thunder Blade. South of this is a Remedy. Hop on the nearby conveyor belt to be taken to a new section of the Factory.

Go north of the conveyor belt and head right along the walkways. You'll find a series of crates. Squeeze between them and into the pipe. Head south to find a small chamber with an Icebrand and a Zephyr Cloak. Return to the pipe and keep going south to drop back at the conveyor belts where you started.

There's more to explore, but now that you have a Flametongue and an Ice Brand you should get on the conveyor leading to the right. You can explore the rest shortly. This conveyor will take you to a small clearing - and you'll find Kefka, ranting to himself. He'll toss two espers down a conveyor belt and into a pit. Follow them down after Kefka leaves. Check the unblocked door down here before talking to either of the espers, as it contains a save point. Use a Tent if necessary, then talk to the male esper to start a fight.

Ifrit and Shiva

This battle is not to the death, unlike most. Ifrit and Shiva take turns assaulting your team with fire and ice spells, respectively. You can use their opposing elements against them to great effect, though be careful not to launch their element at them (fire on Ifrit, ice on Shiva) or you'll heal them instead. The Flametongue and Icebrand you picked up are great in this fight, though you must be careful not to use the wrong blade on the wrong esper. You'll only face one at a time, and when you beat one you'll end the fight.

Talk to the two espers after the fight. They'll reduce themselves to magicite shards, granting you Ifrit and Shiva. Both teach second-tier attack spells, and should be equipped immediately. (Put emphasis on the other characters over Celes. She won't be in the party that much longer.)

At this point you can go through the door Shiva was blocking and make your way to the Magitek Research Facility. Hold up, though - there's still treasure above, and while you're getting it you can collect some AP! Sounds like a plan. Grab the hook in the pit to return to the Magitek Factory.

  • To the left of the hook, by some stairs, are Dragoon Boots.
  • Go up these stairs and into a previous room to find a Golden Shield. Don't use the lift or you'll be led off track.
  • Go south of the hook and through the right passage (there are doors, but they're hidden from this angle). Go down the stairs next to the walkway and check the south wall for a partially-hidden door that leads to a Golden Helm. Go back out and head east to find another door, again partially hidden; this one leads to a Golden Armor that's just out of sight. Go back out and continue east, up onto the walkway, to find a Tent.

That's all for the Magitek Factory. Loop back to where you saw Kefka rambling and slide down the conveyor to the pit. Save, heal, and go through the next door. Off to the Magitek Research Facility!


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