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Final Fantasy: Which Sword Would You Wield?

Updated on January 20, 2017
Many Final Fantasy swords
Many Final Fantasy swords

Final Fantasy's Weapons

Two things most of us guys seem to love are girls and weapons. Well, we've already taken a quiz to determine our Final Fantasy girl; today, we're focusing on the sabers of Final Fantasy!

The series has introduced a plethora of awesome-looking weapons, many of them being swords. Would they all be practical in real-life combat? Nope. But do they look amazing, and are we mystified as we admire them? Heck yes!

Without further ado, let's discover our individual blades from the Final Fantasy series! Afterwards, we'll take a look at the gallery of incredible swords.

Warning, there's a few spoilers ahead for various Final Fantasy games.

Your Blade

Which weapon did you receive?

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Now that we know your razor-sharp weapon, feel free to browse the others below!

Buster Sword
Buster Sword

Buster Sword

Wielder: Initially Angeal, then Zack Fair, then Cloud Strife.

Abilities: Large, and comes with two slots where spherical "materia" (magic-granting orbs) may be placed.

You wield the infamous Buster Sword, most often associated with the spiky blond protagonist of FF7, Cloud Strife. As an iconic symbol, the blade represent dreams and honor. Its large form offers incredible power, but requires enhanced strength to wield. The sword has both a blunt edge, useful for sparing opponents, and a sharp edge, to tear foes to shreds. Insert two materia into the holes in the weapon's design to barrage foes with both saber and magic.

A Gunblade made in the "Revolver" style
A Gunblade made in the "Revolver" style


Wielder: Squall Leonhart, protagonist of Final Fantasy 8

Abilities: This sword has a trigger than can be activated to vibrate the blade, increasing damage output. Additionally, it possesses amazing accuracy.

You wield the infamous Gunblade, used by Squall Leonhart. This weapon is wielded with two hands (at least by Squall) for precise blows. Correct timing of a trigger can increase damage output. Some variations exist; the Gunblade used by Seifer Almasy, Hyperion, suits a one-handed style. More recently, FF13 protagonist Lightning has also utilized a Gunblade, which she expertly uses to strike from both near and far. No matter which Gunblade you prefer, you have a reliable and versatile weapon.



Wielder: Sephiroth, villain of Final Fantasy 7.

Abilities: Incredibly long reach, and six materia slots.

You brandish the Masamune. Designed similarly to Japanese odachi swords, this weapon varies slightly between its multiple appearances. It is very long, approximately seven feet, and has a slight angle to the blade. This sword is said to be very hard to master. It comes with six materia slots to insert the magical orbs; though your guess is as good as mine as to where the slots are, as we see no discernible holes.

In Japanese legends, there were two blacksmiths, Masamune and Muramasa. Wielders of Masamune's weapons were said to be calm and tranquil; users of Muramasa's were chaotic and destructive. You'll be happy to know, Masamune swords were known to be superior. Looks like you've mastered a powerful weapon indeed!



Wielder: Tidus from FF10. Before him, it was wielded by the deceased Chappu.

Abilities: Increases user's strength by 15%, attacks possess a water element, and allows user to sense an enemy's health.

You harness the power of the distinctive Brotherhood. This weapon seems to be made of mystical forces; water itself appears to compose the blade. A black guard and a curved edge are found on this weapon. The saber increase its wielder's strength, and is also light, allowing it to be rapidly swung. This sword symbolizes the rapport between comrades, and its power increases when strong bonds are formed.



Wielder: Well, in mythology, King Arthur. In Final Fantasy, a variety of characters, including Gilgamesh.

Abilities: Varies throughout its appearances, but usually possesses a high base attack, a holy/light attribute to smite dark foes, and often enhances the strength of its user.

You brandish the mighty Excalibur. Your blade lends its powers to any swordsman it deems worthy, and is usually regarded as a sacred weapon. Often, a trial must be completed before this sword will be offered. This saber's appearance changes throughout games; sometimes i's red, others yellow, and occasionally, silver. Perhaps its design and abilities customize themselves to the person holding the weapon. What powers do you think it will grant you?

Blood Sword
Blood Sword

Blood Sword

Wielder: Several Final Fantasy characters.

Abilities: Typically drains the health of the adversary it strikes, then heals its owner's injuries.

You use the fearsome Blood Sword. This weapon, sometimes known as the Blood Blade, Drain Sword, or Vampic Sword, uses black magic to steal life energy from any soul it cuts. The taken energy heals its user's wounds. A few rare examples of the Blood Sword don't heal injury, but instead inflict a condition that saps an adversary's health over time.The Blood Sword isn't the sharpest saber in the world, but its unique effect makes it one of the best.

Future of Final Fantasy

Though Final Fantasy has made some missteps in recent years, they're slowly regaining some footing, and we can expect more awesome weapons from them in future installments.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you at our next quiz!


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