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FFXIV: Heavensward - Gathering Guide - Coerthas Western Highlands - Pt. 1

Updated on June 24, 2015

Welcome to Heavensward!

If you're like me - in Ishgard - it's just plain old hard to find things - especially when it comes to gathering or crafting! Here's where I'll be doing my best to guide you guys to all of the new materials, gathering points and crafts in as much detail as possible!

Archaeornis Skin

Archaeornis Skin is a drop from the Archaeornis monster in Coerthas Western Highlands, which can be reached by teleporting to Falcon's Nest. The monster is generally found in the northern tip of the map. So far they seem to drop 1 - 3 Normal or High quality mats occasionally. The drop rate seems to have been decreased from what drop rates were in 3.0, but the gear you can make with the skin far outclasses your 2.0 gear, so it's well worth farming it for an hour or two.

Coerthan Tea Leaves

Coerthan Tea Leaves are needed to use with Archaeornis skin to make Archaeornis Leather - an item you'll be using a lot in your crafting (especially to make better crafting/gathering gear). This item is hard to come by so as it is in a hidden node that only appears twice an eorzean day. Here's how/where to find it:

  • Level Botanist to level 50+
  • Have Truth of Forests active
  • Be in Coerthas Western Highlands at 10AM and 10PM Eorzean time
  • Have flying unlocked in the area

The node will pop up on your map and you'll only have until 10:55 AM or PM Eorzean time to reach it.

The Coerthan Tea Leaves will be in item slot 7 of the node. Knowing this will save you from having to use Toll of the Pioneer - thus saving you 300 GP in the process.

That all for today's FFXIV Heavensward article! New articles, guides and helpful information going up 2x weekly on every Tuesday and Wednesday! Next week we'll tackle the rest of the mining and botany gathering spots in Coerthas Western Highlands! Feel free to comment below! Cheers!

© 2015 Dusk Jackson


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