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Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide

Updated on June 25, 2011

I recently started playing a new MMORPG game called Final Fantasy 14. I never played any Final Fantasy games before, and there were plenty, so my first steps in this massive new game were less than good.

Frankly, I was lost. Final Fantasy XIV is not your typical online roleplaying game. Quests are scarce, game interface is complex, the game doesn't guide you where you have to go. A lot of things you will simply have to figure out yourself as I did at first.

That was until I found out about FFXIV leveling guides and actually bought one. It really changed my perspective about the game, and without it I would most likely quit playing after a few days. I actually tried several Final Fantasy guides, and unfortunately not all of them were useful. This page will give you a short overview of FF14 leveling and strategy guides, which I'm sure you'll find helpful!


Chrono FFXIV Leveling Guide - The BEST

This was the first guide I came across about Final Fantasy XIV, recommended by FFXIV Leveling Guide website. The author of the site really did a good review of the guide which made me buy it immediately and I honestly didn't regret it. Whatever resources you previously read about FFXIV can not possibly compare to this guide as it's the best source for verified, expert information on the guide which simply cannot be beat.

It has a really detailed levelling guide inside for all starting areas and more. A crafting guide, classes guide, gil (gold) making guide, and many more chapters which makes it absolutely the best guide out there.


2. FFXIV Domination Guide

Another FF14 leveling guide I tried is Carl Whitmore's FFXIV Domination. I bought it because I thought it'll have some additional info I wasn't aware of, but it turned out it didn't. It's overall a decent guide, albeit not better than Chrono FFXIV Mastery Guide. In my opinion it's a good alternative guide if you need one, but other than that Chrono guide beats it in every aspect.

More FFXIV Leveling Guides...

Above are only the two guides I read. There are a few more: Killerguides FFXIV Strategy Guide, FFXIV Secrets Guide and FFXIV Mastery Guide. I can't really comment on their quality since I don't own them :(. According to the aforementioned FFXIV Leveling Guide blog and some others, none of these guides are as good as Chrono guide or Domination guide, so I suppose you can simply skip them!

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