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Finding Cheap Wii Games

Updated on December 1, 2011

Fun Wii Games on a Budget

If you're like me, you are finding it more and more difficult to make room in your budget for the things you actually enjoy doing with your spare time, like firing up the Wii. Unfortunately, new games are oftentimes out of my reach, so to make the time waiting for them to come down in price, I like to find some cheaper fun games I may have missed the first time around. If you look around at eBay or, you can find a ton of games for your Nintendo Wii that are decently priced and aren't dreaded shovel ware titles. There are actual hardcore games out there to be found at a bargain. And on, when you click on the product page, you'll find a number of sellers getting rid of their used games for a steal. I've gotten games for a couple of bucks this way. Here are a few games that don't suck and are on the cheap while you're waiting to get enough bank to get Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

5. MadWorld. A mature title with a striking comic book visual style, this is a great game for those of you who enjoy blood and guts with your beat 'em ups. The games puts your chainsaw wielding protagonist in a competition of sorts where he has to slice and dice (and burn and pile drive) his way through levels of goons and bosses to find out who's running the thing. The art direction is fantastic and there is a foul mouthed running sports like commentary over the action as you behead your way to victory.

4. Spectrobes: Origins. Follow Rallen and Jeena as they seek to rid the galaxy of the evil Krawl. In this RPG style adventure, you must find, harvest and train creatures known as Spectrobes to fight alongside you in your quest to vanquish evil. The key to the game is how well you manage your Spectrobes, making it an addictive experience. Put out by Disney, this game is geared toward a younger gamer, but is still good for those of all ages who just enjoy fun games.

3. No More Heroes: I counter the kiddie friendly Spectrobes: Origins with the more adult oriented No More Heroes. Much like MadWorld, this game offers its fair share of gore and colorful language for those that enjoy something a bit more adult. As Travis Touchdown, you come across a Beam Katana (basically a lightsaber) and while using it on somebody, find yourself as the Number 10 assassin in the world. This puts you as a target and also allows you to challenge those assassins ahead of you to become Numero Uno in the world of killers. In between levels, there are a variety of mini games (collecting coconuts, mowing grass, assassin missions) to raise your entry fee for the next matchup. There's something wildly cool about hitting the A button a couple of times before bringing your Wii Remote down for a kill strike. You can find this game used for a pretty decent price.

2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This game is a ton of fun for Star Wars nerds, such as myself. Wielding a lightsaber might not be what you would have expected on the Wii, but it is still a fun experience. Also fun, using your force powers and combos to throw around useless Stormtroopers as you go about your business as Darth Vader's secret apprentice. While the gameplay is fun, the game feels a bit short and can get repetitive at times. I wouldn't have wanted to pay 50 bucks for this when it first came out, but it is well worth the 10 bucks or so you can find it for now. What I really enjoyed about the game is it has a pretty neat storyline dealing with your internal struggle as the apprentice between good and evil and also serves as a nice bridger between the prequel and original movie series'.

1. Ghostbusters. When it comes to Wii games that you can grab for a really good price, they don't come a lot more fun than Ghostbusters. With a clever storyline that could have easily served as a third movie in the franchise and the return of the original cast in their famous ghostbusting roles, that would almost be enough for any gamer who is a fan of the movie. But the Wii does you one better by using the Wii Remote and nunchuck combo to give you a real ghostbusting experience. Until a real life virtual reality console comes along, I don't see how you can come closer to feel like you're wielding a proton pack and trap. There's is very little more satisfying feeling on the Wii than to catch and trap a ghost. Once again, I find that it may be too short, but the gameplay and the original crew back and having a good time, this is one of my more favorite Wii games, period.

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