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What is the fastest self-balancing scooter on the market?

Updated on November 11, 2015
electrictoyman profile image

ElectricToyMan is a electric toy expert who loves speed and adrenaline. I make reviews and guides for guiding.

The basic look for the fastest self-balancing scooter
The basic look for the fastest self-balancing scooter | Source

What this all about?

This hub page is about us finding the fastest self-balancing scooter available.

I found some great info here on fast hoverboard segways that helped guide me to the same conclusions.

While need for this article might not be as big as it was for me I hope this will help someone else since I surely would have appriciated some information on this topic. I wanted to find the fastest self-balancing scooter for my own needs but there where very little information available on the net.

Whiz Khalifa shopping on a self-balancing scooter

Why I wanted one

The number 1 on my list on why I wanted a self-balancing scooter might not have been for the use while shopping. Altough I might say after watching Khalifa's video above it did give me a few great ideas on where to use it.

I wanted one for the sole purpose of transporation, hence the need for the fastest self-balancing scooter available.

How I found the fastest self-balancing scooter winner!

I found the fastest hoverboard segway while going through mostly Amazon since they seem to be the biggest supplier at the moment. There are litterally 100's of different brands and models available and many seem to be comming from the same manufacturer. They have different cool apperances but when you read the specfications to find out whats inside that two wheeled electric scooter, you'll get surprised that most of them are all the same on the inside.

Leaving me with a big problem

I had to go through so many reviews and detailed product specifics before I found a few top competitors for the fastest self-balancing scooter. I narrowed down my search just finding every scooter at 10+ mph.

The duell

After narrowing down the list to only 2 products left. Brands where Goboard and Galaxyboard, they where almost the same in fact. The only thing that was different was the price and a few features. The GoBoard had a few more features and different modes to change between according to the userlevel. Might be a very good choice but the price tag was over 110$+ more than the Galaxyboard.

I found it that since it seems that you get the hang of the basic functionalities of your board within an hour or two ( according to most product reviews by former customers that I have read most get the hang of it in 20 minutes). This made me go cheap and skip the GoBoard with its wireless remote and stage settings.

Why take the cheaper aleternative?

Well this is a 100% based on my own knowledge and skills when it comes to balance and things with speed. I love going fast and I have been riding skateboards/snowboards since I was very young leaving me thinking I must have a pretty good balance.

Therefore I didn't feel like paying 150$ for features I probably only gonna use for 1-2 hours starting out, and a remote which probably just gonna be lying around at home or get lost after a few days. So I went with a cheap hoverboard that has the same spec's.

The fastest self-balancing scooter winner!

So the winner of the fastest self-balancing scooter award by me is... (drumroll) The Galaxyboard! At 12 mph I can imagine I will find any faster self-balancing scooter on the market at this point. This might change in the future and it probably will but as of now this is the number 1 self-balancing scooter when it comes to speed.

I have yet to record a video of me riding it but I can say as much, it took me less than 15 minutes to feel comfortable enough to take it out onto the streets and ride it 1.3 miles to my friends house.

Was it as fun as i had imagined?

No actually not, it was SO MUCH MORE FUN! If I would to recommend a self-balancing scooter that was built for speed I would recommend the Galaxyboard hands free segway every day of the week.


When I bought it, it costed 340$ aproximitely and it is worth every penny I spent.

It can be found on amazon.

It has some fantastic features and I just checked it up on amazon and its price has dropped to 278.12€ just over a few weeks. That is crazy and you should all check it out. Hope that the price will drop more until Christmas. Then I'll probably get another one for my friend as a Christmas gift.

Galaxyboard in action, might not look fast but it is the fastest self-balancing board available!
Galaxyboard in action, might not look fast but it is the fastest self-balancing board available! | Source


5 stars for GalaxyBoard fastest self-balancing scooter

© 2015 Fabrio


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    • electrictoyman profile image

      Fabrio 2 years ago from Brazil

      Hi Christian, I do not at this present have any articles or insight into the unicycles. I will be doing some research and try to find the time to post a bit about those devices.

      Do you have something special in mind that you would like to know about them?

    • profile image

      Christan 2 years ago

      Oh btw, do you any suggestions or articles written about those one wheel scooters, unicycle something they're called? =) Think they're a bit cooler. They don't go as fast though from what I've heard!

    • profile image

      Christan 2 years ago

      Hi this was a great input on what you might need to know in order to finding the best and ofcourse the fastest self-balancing scooter. There are so much crap on the market but the one you suggested at seems to be a solid purchase. Will get one for my kid this Christmas thanks @Electrictoyman!!! :D

    • profile image

      Alice Margen 2 years ago

      Hi, I very much liked your intake on the whole procedure of finding one of these things. I might just make use of this now when Christmas comes, my son has been begging me for one of these self-balancing boards :P