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Finding what you need on the Second Life Marketplace

Updated on November 4, 2014

What is the Marketplace?

The Second Life Marketplace is a website where content creators of Second Life can put their stores, so that you can find their items without having to find their stores inworld.

You sign into the Marketplace using your Second Life account credentials and that's all you need to do to link your avatar to the Marketplace. Once that is done, you can start shopping, but it can be tricky to find what you seek.

Came for the stove, left with the panties

One thing you'll find out about Second Life is that adult content is everywhere. The Marketplace is no different.

When you search for anything on the Marketplace, chances are that Rule 34 (everything that exists have an "adult" counterpart on the Internet) will strike and you'll be swamped with imagery that is hard to get off your retinas.

The first step, unless that is what you are looking for, is to turn off Adult content. On the top of the page, right by the search bar, you'll see a list saying something similar to "General, Moderate, Adult". If you click this you'll get four choices, "General", "General, Moderate", "General, Moderate, Adult" or just "Adult". You're looking for "General, Moderate".

Once Adult content has been turned off, you'll see that the number of results have decreased significantly. Chances are though that it is still pretty high!


A nice thing about Second Life is that many content creators have set up demos of their products for you to test before you buy. The downside to this is that the Marketplace is absolutely swamped with them. There are two ways to deal with this problem in an easy manner.

Firstly, if you are looking for a free item, add the word "freebie" to the search term. This will remove most demos from the search results.

Secondly, the majority of the demos are free. On the sidebar to the left, you'll see filter options for your search. Here you can select a price range. If you select anything other than 0-10L$, the vast majority of the demos will disappear. If you are looking for something that costs between 1-10L$, you can select a custom range as well. To find the best deals, I usually filter from 1L$ up to the amount I find reasonable for the product.

Search result for "Sink", no filters added
Search result for "Sink", no filters added

Example, the Kitchen Sink

Just like a store, the Marketplace is divided into sections. To limit your results further, pick a relevant section in the filters to the left. The sections you see are just the general sections, once you select one of them, you'll get more options.

For example, if you are looking for a kitchen sink, you type "sink" in the search bar. At the time of writing, this gives 2 986 results.

After a bit of refining, we've removed around 85% of the unwanted results
After a bit of refining, we've removed around 85% of the unwanted results

Let's narrow it down a bit!

If I change the parameters to exclude adult content, I get 2 520 results. Already, several hundred results that I wasn't interested in disappeared.

If I change my price range to 1-400L$, I get 1 798 results. That's less than half of the original search!

Now, I know that kitchen sinks belongs to Home & Garden, so I click there. This lead to the sub-section Furniture, which in turn lead to Kitchen Furniture. I have now narrowed it down to 488 results.

After all relevant filtering, we are now down to just under 200 results, or 4 Marketplace pages, if you increase the number of results per page
After all relevant filtering, we are now down to just under 200 results, or 4 Marketplace pages, if you increase the number of results per page

The parcel I rent has a limited amount of prims, as does almost all parcels in Second Life. I'm up to my limit soon, I only have 100 prims left to spare, so let's sort it further by saying we want between 1 and 10 prims, since a sink without the rest of the kitchen shouldn't really take up that much. We now have 188 results left.

If we show 48 results per page, we are now down to 4 pages of results to go through. Most of the results are not standalone kitchen sinks, so the relevant results are few and far between, but now it is much easier to find them.

When we started out, we had 249 pages to go through!

Thank you

That is all you need to know to be able to find what you truly are after on the Second Life Marketplace.

I hope this article has been helpful. If it has, please share it with your friends.

© 2014 Chris Carlsson


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