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Firefly Shiny Dice Review

Updated on November 6, 2015

Firefly Shiny Dice Cover

All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed
All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed

Firefly Shiny Dice Review

At first glance Firefly Shiny Dice might seem like just an ordinary, simple press your luck dice game, in fact the versatility in the abilities of the crew and passengers dice coupled with the mission cards give Firefly Shiny Dice a certain nuance to the game. Having the dice symbols represent the various crew members, passengers, and some of the foes of the Firefly Verse, coupled with each of these symbols also having different abilities that I feel embodies their characters really helps in making you feel integrated into it's theme, if only in some small measure.

Firefly Shiny Dice

1 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Firefly Shiny Dice

Firefly Shiny Dice Page Summary:

  • What is Firefly Shiny Dice ?
  • How to Play Firefly Shiny Dice ?
  • A Look at the Game Components
  • Final Thoughts

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What is Firefly Shiny Dice?

Firefly Shiny Dice is yet one of the latest envisioned thematic games to come out this year from the ever popular Firefly verse. Firefly Shiny Dice is best categorized as a press your luck style dice game. You can typically play Firefly Shiny Dice in about 30 minutes time with anywhere's between 1 to 5 players. But it has been my experience that three players should be the maximum amount of players used in any one game. All this serves in avoiding having the other players endure a long wait between turns, which is especially true when introducing new players to the game.

Game Contents:

  • 15 Dice
  • 100 Playable Cards
  • 2 Rubber Play Mats
  • Rule Book

Firefly Shiny Dice

Learn How to Play

How to Play Firefly Shiny Dice?

Firefly Shiny Dice a relatively easy game to master. Four quick and easy steps are all you need to know.

Step 1 – Get A Crew

Roll all 15 dice and lock all Foe and Supply Dice.

Choose if any which dice to reroll

Check for bonuses and lock all dice

Step 2 – Get a Mission

Draw Mission Card

Step 3 – Misbehave!

Resolve the active mission if it is a Shiny Mission.

Resolve remaining Foe Dice

Use dice in Serenity to defeat Foes and complete missions.

If you are not defeated, collect your spoils and proceed to Step 4 otherwise end turn.

Step 4 – Lay Low or Keep Flyin'

Lay Low:

Take all at risk Victory Points and end the turn.

Keep Flyin':

Risk all at risk Victory Points by taking another turn using only the remainder dice in the Cargo Hold.

a Look at the Dice

All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed
All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed

A Look at the Game Components

The Dice

The Die of Firefly Shiny Dice come in three categorizes and colors this serves best to help you differentiate the difference between them.

The White dice symbolizes the Passengers.

The Brown dice symbolizes the Outlaws.

The Black dice symbolizes the Foes.

The Passenger Dice (White):



Move 1 Kaylee from the KO pile to serenity.


Psychic Link:

Re-roll River and any one foe die.

Unstable Reaction:

Deal 1 damage to each foe.



Score 100 Victory Points immediately.



Discard any amount of Book dice equal to the number of foes in play to capture all Victory Points in the current at risk score pool and end the turn immediately.

Supplies :

Locked in the Supply Hold.

The Outlaw Dice (Brown)



deal 2 damage to Safffron:


Choose 1 Outlaw Die or up to 2 Passenger Dice in the Cargo Hold and reroll them, and place them in Serenity.


Cover Fire:

Deal 2 Damage, Divided as you choose to any Foe.


Leaf on the Wind:

Re-roll Wash and any one additional Crew Die.



Deal 2 damage to any Foe.

Damaged Calm:

KO this and 1 additional die in serenity and defeat any one Foe regardless of their remaining health.


Thruster Overload:

Deal 1 Damage to any Foe and Move 1 die from the KO pile to the Cargo Hold.

Supplies :

Locked in the Supply Hold.

The Foe Dice (Black)


If any Niska dice locked:

Ko 1 Crew Dice, at the active player's choice.


For each Saffron die Locked:

Move 1 Crew Die, Player's choice, in Serenity to the Cargo Hold.


For each Badger die locked:

move and lock 1 supply die next to a Badger die.

A Look at the Mission Cards

All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed
All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed

The Mission Cards:

Firefly Shiny Dice game missions cards all have beautifully depicted scenes and colorful flavor text taken from the TV Series. All mission cards have a requirement in order to complete the mission, a reward for finishing the mission, and a mission specific keyword which triggers before or after the completions of the mission. Different effect apply depending on the keyword.

Important Mission Keywords:

To date there are five important mission keywords that you should best familiarize yourself with.


If the active player completes a mission with Escape, they may choose to end their turn immediately and gain all victory Points.


If a mission with Bushwhacked is not Completed during the turn in which it was revealed, then the player must choose to lay low.


If a mission with Goram is completed this turn, the active player must choose to keep flyin.


If a mission with Sabotage is revealed, then you must immediately reroll all of you Crew Dice and keep the results rolled.


Missions with Shiny immediately deal 1 point of damage to any Foe at the beginning of Step 3 Misbehave.

Victory Points Cards:

Victory Point Cards come in two different denominations of 100 and 500 points. Each Victory Point Card are made to look very similar to the currency used on the show.

Supply Cards:

Supply Cards come in three different denominations of ones, twos and threes. Supply cards are gainned immediatly and cannot be lost unlike Victory Points which gets put into the At Risk Pile. Each Supply Token Denominations earns you 100 Victory Points at Games end.

The Playmat

All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed
All Picture taken By David Combs No Attrition allowed

Final Thought:

Firefly Shiny Dice has a relatively simple game mechanic which can be easily learned in no time at all, however some people might struggle a little bit in trying to remembering all the various abilities of the multifaceted crew members and passengers, as well as some of the mission keywords terminology. As I have mentioned above this was my experience with the newness of the game, however after having played several more game in succession this feeling had passed.

Although I feel that Firefly Shiny Dice can be enjoyed by both fans and people who are not yet familiarized with the Show and Movie. I believe that this game will be best appreciated by anyone who have at the very least basic knowledge of the verse. No matter what level of fandom they consider themselves to be.

And Finally I would be remiss if I didn't mention how impressed I was regarding the quality of the overall game components. The two beautiful playmats, the victory points cards which are made to look like currency used in that verse, the mission cards which have cinematic and quotes taken from the show. Taking all this into account I do sincerely feel that you are getting good value for your purchase.

Firefly Shiny Dice

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