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Firefly the Game Review

Updated on April 15, 2015

Firefly the Game Review

As a big fan of Firefly the TV Show, it was long before I got my hands on a copy this game and was hounding my friends to play. Since I have exhausted the continuous playing of the TV series and the serenity movie on my DVD player. I would now have new outlet in which to re live fond memories of the short lived series. Like most of Joss Whedon's creations this one was cut down short just as it was starting to get it legs. I can only imagine the great stories that would have come out of the versatile chemistry of this space westernish vehicle. It is easy to see why it has grown such a huge cult following.

Firefly the Game

Firefly the Game Review Page Summary:

  • What is Firefly the Game?
  • How to Play?
  • Game Components
  • Firefly Expansions
  • Final Thoughts

Firefly the Game

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Firefly the Game

This Box Contains

5 Supply Decks – 25 Cards Each

5 Contact Decks – 25 Cards Each

2 Nav Decks - 40 Cards Each

Misbehave Deck – 40 Cards

11 Set up Cards

4 Ship Cards

Currency – 150 Bills

6 Story Cards

2 Dice

167 Tokens

4 Firefly Models

1 Alliance Cruiser Model

1 Reaver Cutter Model

Game Board & Rules

What is Firefly the Game?

For those of you who are not familiar with Firefly the Game it is a game loosely based on the TV shows theme. The game mechanics, and beautiful made cards depicting scenes from the show work well to deliver some of the feel of the TV show, however nothing can replicate the great stories, and the chemistry produced from the cast and crew. Those of you who are familiar with the series will no doubt enjoy playing as one of your favorite crew. Those of you who have never seen the TV show can still find the game enjoyable, although some of the banter from the fan base players may be lost on you.

Firefly the Game has had some success since it release of the vanilla game, and we all now what that means expansions. So far there are currently three expansions in existence, no word on if there will be more. The first expansion only consists of some new cards and jobs. The other two have a little more weight to add to the mix. They both have new rules, more cards, and more ships to add to the flavor of it original game. I will cover some of the aspects of the expansions further down below.

Although some of us still hold out hope that some day the TV show will be brought back. As the years go by this seems more and more unlikely. Firefly to me seems similar to another TV show that was cancelled and still lives on in various incarnations Star Trek. I hope to see someday a Firefly next generations or something along those lines.

Firefly Review






How to Play?

First after having deciding which ship and captain each player is your going to play you will pick a scenario or story that will determine the winning conditions. In the process of try to reach your goal the players will to to managed there ship and crew. Each player will have to fly either by full burning or mosey across the verse to the different planets, and outpost to pick up crew, equipment and find jobs. The different jobs are either moral, or immoral, or legal and illegal. The players will take there firefly class ships and attempt to make enough money to keep the crew paid and happy and keep the ship in good repair to keep flying.

There are some dangers to the game as well. Some of the jobs will require you to try to smuggle contraband , or fugitives into alliance space, where you run the risk of being stopped by an Alliance cruiser. Running into an Alliance cruiser while smuggling or have a warrant issued on your ships will result in losing all illegal materials and paying heavy fines. There is also Reaver space to travel into. Those of you unfortunate enough to encounter into a reaver ship can run the risk of losing all or most of your crew. These two unlucky events can really set you back monetarily for a while and can run the risk of costing you the game, so thread carefully when deciding what jobs to take.

Firefly Playthough


Game Components

The Captains

The are seven captains to choose from including everyone's favorite Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Each captain has a very unique set of skills, professions and attributes. Captains cannot lose there ships, cannot be killed by reavers, or are they required to be paid for jobs.

The Ships

The four ships consists of the Serenity, the Bonnie Mae, the Bonanza, and the Yun QI. Each firefly ship have equipment slots, cargo hold, a stash and Max crew allowance.

The Jobs

There are five different people from whom you may acquire a job. Patience, Niska, Harken, Amnon Duul, and Bagder. Each job runs the gambit from moral, and immoral, legal and illegal. Completing a job from one of this people grant you the solid status allowing you to sell additional supplies for additional income. Failing to complete a jobs make you lose your rep.

The Crew

The various crew, including some of your favorite from the cast can be hired on there home planets.The crew can have different skills and profession to add in completing jobs. Crew must get paid after every job or they become disgruntle and may be pilfered by another ship captain in the same area.

The Planets

There are five planets on which you can pick up gear, crew, and equipment. Those of course being, Regina, Space Bazaar, Osiris Shipworks, Persophone, and Silverhold.

The Misbehave Deck

Misbehave cards are used when performing illegal jobs. To complete misbehave cards you must pass a skill test or have a particular item or equipment on your ship to proceed. Failing a misbehave card requires you to start the job over from the beginning.

The Alliance Space deck

Most of the Alliance Space Deck Cards only require you to keep flying. Others Need you to do skill check, pay fines, lose contraband, and fugitives. You need to draw an Alliance Space card for every space you fly through that is govern by them.

The Border Space Deck

Much like the Alliance Deck a lot of card tell you to keep Flying. Other card allow you to salvage cargo. Those are the good cards. When you're in to reaver territory you runs the chance of losing some or all of your crew. This doesn't happen often but you should be aware that it can occur at some point during the game.

Firefly the Game

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The Firefly Expansions

As I have stated above there are to my knowledge three expansion for the Firefly the Game. I am not aware of any other expansions currently in the works. I will be go over briefly on these current expansion and what components they bring to the original game.

Firefly Breakin' Atmo

Firefly Breakin' Atmo expansion deck contains 50 new cards. Basically just some added cards no new rules or components added to the basic game.

Firefly Breakin' Atmo

25 Job cards

25 Supply Cards

Firefly: the Game Breakin' Atmo

Breakin' Atmo Unboxing

Firefly Pirates and Bounty Hunters

This expansion adds new concepts to the vanilla Firefly Game such as a player vs.. Player format in the form of piracy and bounty hunting. The piracy rules allows you to steal good from another player. The bounty hunter rules allows you to apprehend fugitives. Also introduces a new profession of lawman.

Box Contents

30 Supply Cards

25 Piracy Job Cards

20 Bounty Cards

4 Set-up Cards

3 Story Cards

2 Ship Cards

2 Ship Models

41 Tokens


Firefly Pirates and Bounty Hunters

Pirates and Bounty Hunters Unboxing

Firefly Blue Sun Expansion

Firefly Blue Sun Expansion introduces a new map expansion that get put on the side of the original game map. Now we have access to more of the verse, be it rim space where the reaver cutters are. This game offer up more peril in the form of two added reavers with increased chances of running into them. Mr.. Universe is also introduced into the game which allows you to alter some of the mission. Two new leader that can also captain your ships.

Box Contents

New map expansion

Two new leader

Two new reaver cutters

Two new contact decks

Meridian supply deck

Rim space nav deck

Rule book

Blue Sun Unboxing

Job Types

Shipping Jobs

Transport Jobs

Smuggling Jobs


Final thoughts

I really loved Firefly the game when it came out. It was Firefly a TV show I loved, I got play some as the crew the cards had scene from the show and had some flavor text. You got the chance to flying around the verse, and do jobs, avoid Alliance ships. You ran the risk of running into reaver cutters. It had a very familiar feel to the show. As a stand alone game I feel Firefly the game has legs. A lot of stories can be remembered from points in the games most frustrating moments, like when someone gets caught by either the Alliance or the Reavers. The story cards really add some much needed urgency to the game.

Pirates and Bounty Hunters Expansion

When the Pirates and Bounty Hunters Expansion came out it added a new flavor. We now had an element of conflict to the game. This rejuvenated the game for me at least in that respect. It was an element that some of us didn't really noticed was missing in the base game. Being able to steal cargo or apprehend other peoples crew although feels less like the TV series and more like privateer still make the game enjoyable. We now have a bigger repertoire of stories regard actions done to each other with these new game mechanics.

Firefly Blue Sun Expansion

With the Blue Sun Expansion we now have a reason to really fear the reaver cutters.This adds an increased element of danger that was missing from the base game as well. Before we could see the reaver cutters and unless we were very unlucky, we could manage to avoid them easily and fulfill the game requirement very easily. In this expansion we are forced to travel into rim space and potential ly face dire consequence from entering reaver space. I can no longer see myself playing Firefly The Game without one of its two added expansions pirates and bounty Hunters, or Blue Sun. Both of the expansions have added a much needed boost to the games original feel and flavor.

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