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Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey

Updated on November 19, 2010

Dance Star Mickey Mouse

This will be the most popular christmas for 2010. The greatest toy for this year is the Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey.

Update* is out of the Dance Star Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse comes to life with his cool dance moves right in front of you. What could be better than a dancing toy to get your child's attention and encourage them to dance. Now Mickey Mouse will talk to you, walk around, and dances like a crazy person. Featuring new moves and grooves like you’ve never seen before you'll never see a toy that can do these great moves. He knows quite a few songs, he interacts with you and has some humor to him.

This toy gets my rating of 4.5 out of a 5. It's overall a great toy for children because it's a great movement toy that will encourage your kid to move around. Also he does the Moonwalk. Also from the 6 people have bought it that I talk to say it last with their kids even being rough with it. Get your deal on the Fish Price Dance Star Mickey from Amazon above before they sell out.

For more view Dance Star Mickey Mouse

Hot Dog Dancer Mickey

Do you watch the mickey mouse club show and love the hot dog dance that mickey does, now you can see it in real life and entertain your kids for awhile. Kids love the hot dog song from MMCH and you will to when you see how much it entertains your little one. This will be another christmas toy for 2010 that will be hard to find.


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