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Dance Star Mickey Mouse - Fisher Price Toys

Updated on October 4, 2016
Disney's Dance Star Mickey
Disney's Dance Star Mickey | Source

Dance Star Mickey

Disney's Dance Star Mickey Mouse is a popular children's animated toy from Fisher Price.

Suitable for children from approximately 18 months to 6 years old, Mickey walks, talks, sings and dances.

The toy plays six different songs and Mickey dances in a variety of styles including disco and moonwalking.

The manufacturer's promotes the toy as watching Mickey Mouse come to life through his grooving and moonwalking.

The toy also comprises interactive games which parents can join in with.

There are plenty of rave reviews about Dance Star Mickey and the only drawback appears to be the high battery usage.

So, to avoid any tears, make sure you have plenty of spares, just in case Mickey stops singing part way through a song!

There are several Fisher Price dancing Mickey Mouse toys to chose from including Mickey Hot Dog Dancer and Disney's Rock Star Mickey (see below).

Buy Dance Star Mickey

Firstly, a note of caution. As with all popular toys, stocks run low in the run up to the holiday periods.

So if you are interested in purchasing this toy, plan ahead, and buy in advance!

Dance Star Mickey does melt the hearts of children and it's quite difficult to find many negative comments.

As a parent myself, the one thing I did find interesting was the manufacturer's scribe.

Call me a cynic, but the reference to Dance Star Mickey encouraging children to become physically active, by enticing them to get up and dance, did strike me as rather 'tongue in cheek.'

Now, I know we all need some encouragement to exercise but I thought that statement was an interesting tug on the emotions of all health conscious parents out there.

Don't think Mickey is quite in the same class as a bicycle, football or skipping rope!

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Rock Star MickeyDisney's Rock Star Mickey MouseFisher Price Rock Star Mickey Mickey Hot Dog DancerDisney's Mickey Hot Dog DancerDance Star MickeyFisher Price Dance Star Mickey with Donny Osmond
Rock Star Mickey
Rock Star Mickey | Source
Disney's Rock Star Mickey Mouse
Disney's Rock Star Mickey Mouse | Source
Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey
Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey | Source
Mickey Hot Dog Dancer
Mickey Hot Dog Dancer | Source
Disney's Mickey Hot Dog Dancer
Disney's Mickey Hot Dog Dancer | Source
Dance Star Mickey
Dance Star Mickey | Source
Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey with Donny Osmond
Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey with Donny Osmond | Source

Mickey Hot Dog Dancer

Sing along to the Mickey Mouse "Hot Dog" song!

Fully animated, Hot Dog Mickey sings, tells jokes and amuses you with some of his favourite phrases.

Just press his foot and away he goes!

Disney's Rock Star Mickey

This animated Rock Star Mickey comes fully equipped with his own rock 'n' roll guitar and cool sunglasses.

Bopping and rocking, Mickey jams on his guitar, concluding with the splits as Mickey plays the guitar with his nose!

The main drawback about this toy is that sadly, Mickey only plays two songs.

Fisher Price Toys

Whenever you buy a toy for a young child, the one thing that you must be certain of, is that it is safe.

Whilst toy manufacturing laws are now extremely stringent in terms of safety and testing, it is natural to buy products from a name that you can trust.

Fisher Price is one such name.

Founded in 1930, it is now a subsidiary of Mattel Inc (think Barbie Doll!).

The company was the brainchild of Herman Fisher, Irving Price and his wife Margaret and Helen Schelle.

Their business model was to provide sturdy and innovative toys which also represented good value for money.

The Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey is one such example of this.

Since 1930, the toy industry has become big business with marketing and advertising playing a far greater role in toy sales than the original founders could ever have come to imagine.

However, trust also plays a great part when it comes down to our choice of toys for young children. A lot of us will have grown up with Fisher Price toys. We will recognise not only the safety but also the quality of the products.

We also put our faith in the companies concerned and rely upon their integrity.

In 2007, Fisher Price recalled almost 1 million products due to the possibility of lead being contained in paint. Whilst this was undoubtedly an embarrassing mistake to make, it does reaffirm our trust in the integrity of the company to do what's right by our children, nieces and nephews.

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