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Fisher Price ImagiNext BigFoot the Monster

Updated on April 15, 2011

Fisher Price ImagiNext BigFoot the Monster Reviewed

The newest most popular toy for christmas is the Fisher Price ImagiNext BigFoot the Monster this is probably the coolest toy I have seen in years. This is a remote control big foot that walks, talks, eats, and throws stuff. You can control big foot to walk forward and backwards and the six buttons are happy, angry, sleep, fun, ball, and exercise all with the remote.

You can make him shake his fist in the air and roar, He has 30 different noises, sayings and other funny noises all by hitting the wild card button on the remote. He even does somersaults.

Another nice thing about this toy is that it has recharable batteris so you don't have to keep buying new batterys for big foot.

Fisher Price ImagiNext BigFoot the Monster gets a very good rating for durability for a toy. Even though it rumbles and tumbles around the room it holds up very good. This toy is ranking high everywhere. It's becoming hard to find in some retail stores. Though most stores I see this it goes for around $99.99 but amazon is having a sale on these for a couple days.

Spike the Dinosaur

Spike the Dinosaur is the other half of Big foot. So for kids who love dinosaurs Spike the Red Dinosaur is every dinosaur lovers dream come true. Because you can control this dinosaur with a wireless remote and it can walk forward and turn left to right also open its mouth, blink its eyes, stand up on its hind legs, and even throw a boulder, the neck on the dinosaur will rotate around similar to the neck on the mega t-rex, and when the dinosaur stands up, spikes down its back will light up. He even has a rechargeable battery pack being the only flaw to this toy because you have to unscrew his belly to get to it. The red one can't be found in stores now only here on


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