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Fisher Price MP3 Player Review

Updated on October 15, 2010
Fisher Price FP3 Player
Fisher Price FP3 Player

A Child's First MP3 Player

For them, its a FP3, not MP3 player. The Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Song & Story Player Is agreat way to introduce a personal music player to young hands.

Created to take the occasional accidental abuse young hands can cause. The Fisher Price FP3 Player is a great introduction for a child to music they can control.

She Thinks She's So Cool!

My daughter recieved the Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Song & Story Player for her third birthday. After opening it and downloading some music on it for her we realized that she just wasn't ready yet. Fast forward a few months and she started really enjoying listening to HER music on her very own Fisher Price FP3 Player. FP3 = Fisher Price 3. Now, just a month away from her 4th birthday and she loves listening to her Fisher Price MP3 player every chance she gets. She says it's her Ipod. She thinks she pretty cool because she's got music just like mom. But it's very different then an Ipod.

You can't put just any music on your computer on it, which can be a downer if you are big into downloading music. On the Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Song and Story Player you have two options. Either Download from the Fisher Price Music and Story store, or upload from a CD.

To get around the no Limewire/ITunes downloading option. We did find that if we copied the music we wanted for her onto a CD Rom, we could then upload it to the Fisher Price FP3 program and get it on to her player that way. Now she's got her favorite Disney songs at her finger tips..

Cool Functions: To save the batteries, 2AAA's, The Fisher Price FP3 player turns itself off after awhile. The Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Song & Story player also has volume control.. Never gets too loud for young ears.

A Mom's Recommendation: Fisher Price FP3 Player Review

I'm really happy with our Pink Fisher Price FP3 Player. I don't mind mydaughter listening to music on my video Ipod, but I worry about her using it when I'm not supervising. Her Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Song and Story Player is made to be able to withstand the occasional drops and fumbles. Even the headphones are built to take kid hands. She can listen to it anytime she wants and I know that its going to work next time no matter what she puts it through.


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