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Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set

Updated on March 8, 2016
The Fisher Price Nativity features Little People dressed in old world clothing. This durable set is made for little hands to hold.
The Fisher Price Nativity features Little People dressed in old world clothing. This durable set is made for little hands to hold.

Fisher Price Little People Nativity on Amazon

Problem Solved!

Don't touch that! You say to the offending child as they grab the nearest $30 figurine in their hot, clammy hands. You suck in your breath, waiting to breathe out until the fragile porcelain or resin figurine is handed back. I only wanted to have a look, the child says. And why shouldn't they? It's Christmas after all! Unfortunately your baby is holding something that is very dear to you in her hands. It's an heirloom. It's irreplaceable. You have fond memories of the piece from your childhood. And thus goes the vexing and ironic drama of the family nativity set, played in many households all over the world, just about every Christmas holiday. You wish it weren't so. A nativity set is just a thing, after all.

I have been collecting nativity sets for almost 20 years, and at Christmas time I face the same conundrum every holiday season. How to share the beautiful story of the nativity with my young children without the worries of broken figurines? Since the birth of my two younger children, I've been reluctant to bring out my prized Fontanini set, or even the Fontanini "My First Nativity" because these sets are pricey keepsakes. "When they get older..." But it seems a shame to keep these sets out of reach and out of site. After all, isn't Christmas for children?

This year when I saw the FIsher Price Little People Nativity Set I was thrilled. Problem solved! This nativity set combines the best features of Fisher Price's line of Little People toys with the features of traditional nativities, and the set sings out "touch me! hold me! I'm all yours!"

This set will appeal to very young children, with Little People characters featured as Mary, Joseph, an Angel, and three wise men. Little People animals, a stable, and small plastic palm trees complete the set.

With this set, preschoolers and even very small toddlers can touch, move, manipulate and act out the story of Jesus' birth and parents can stop cringing! The only problem I anticipate is that the kids won't want you to put it away. Little People toys are designed for very young children in mind, with plastic pieces that won't break off and can't be swallowed.

This toy nativity set can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, and at some retail stores. Prices vary.

You Can't Go Wrong With Little People

Little People toys have a cult-like following. When my daughter, now 12 was a toddler, we bought her Little People play sets including the farm, the house, and the gas station. My daughter loved these toys and played with them for years. The cute, durable figurines made for hours of imaginative pretend play. Then we packed them into storage in our garage, planning to keep them for our grandchildren. Years later, when our two younger children were born two years apart, we broke out the old toys. A few treasured Little People figurines (Sonya Lee, Eddie, and Maggie were among them. My twelve year old picked them out of the box with unfeined delight and said "I remember these!"

The durable plastic on these toys mean they can go anywhere. In the car, in a purse, in the dishwasher, in the bathtub. Little people toys are quite flexible.

This isn't the first Little People set for the Christian Market. A Little People Noah's Ark play set is also available, with pairs of animals to go with them.

Worth the Peace of Mind

Many families are choosing a back to basics focus this Christmas while the economy is struggling, but they still want to put toys under the tree. This toy set will have a long-lasting value and makes a great group gift for grandparents. I'm looking forward to the day when i can add this Nativity Set to my collection. This is a great purchase for a nativity collector who wants something special for visiting children to touch and handle.

Kid-size Little People lamb at the Phoenix Zoo.
Kid-size Little People lamb at the Phoenix Zoo.
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Room for a Little One by Martin WaddellThe Crippled Lamb by Max LucadoKing of Kings by Susan HillThis is the StableChristmas in the Manger board book
Room for a Little One by Martin Waddell
Room for a Little One by Martin Waddell
The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado
The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado
King of Kings by Susan Hill
King of Kings by Susan Hill
This is the Stable
This is the Stable
Christmas in the Manger board book
Christmas in the Manger board book

Children's Books about the Nativity

Room for a Little One by Martin Waddell is a simple story about the animals in the manger who make room for each other and then share their cozy space with the newborn Christ child. This story about the nativity conveys a spirit of peace and wonder. The luminous illustrations suggest a night lit by the star of Bethlehem. Every picture in this lovely picture book is lit by starlight.

The Crippled Lamb by Max and Jenna Lucado is a touching tale of the nativity told from the viewpoint of Josh, a little lamb born with a birth defect. This is story has a profound message for people who don't feel that they are of worth, and ending will tug on your heartstrings. The board book version of this story is a simplified version of the original. Click my link to read my review of this excellent story by the popular Christian author and pastor.

King of Kings by Susan Hill is a story inspired by the events of the nativity, but it is not about the nativity events of 2000 years ago. This longish story will be best appreciated by older children and adults. It is one of my favorite Christmas stories. While this book isn't directly about the nativity, the story alludes to the events of the nativity and is filled with a special spirit of wonder and awe.

This Is the Stable by Cynthia Cotten is a lovely book with rhyming text that depicts the main characters in the nativity story. This book is written simply and in an appealing voice, and the illustrations by Delana Bettoli are colorful. This is an excellent first story about the nativity.

Christmas in the Manger by Nola Buck and illustrated by Felicia Bond, the popular illustrator of the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series by Laura Numeroff. The colorful illustrations will appeal to younger children and the book is in a sturdy chunky board book format for young toddlers and preschoolers.


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  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    8 years ago from Iowa

    I love that Fisher Price makes this cute little nativity. My youngest daughter, 2 1/2, is obsessed with Little People. We once had the barn, the house, and the garage, but I sold those about 6 years ago, just in time for the birth of my oldest boy. Doh! I'm glad the Baby Jesus found its way back to your house!

  • cheapsk8chick profile image


    8 years ago

    I love this set, and like you, I will have it around for the grandkids! We lost the Baby Jesus this year, and thought I'd have to buy a new set, but Santa brought him back safe and sound on Christmas Eve:)

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    Dancing Queen, I'd try contacting the Fisher Price web site and get in touch with their customer support. I know you can replace game pieces for toys like Monopoly (though not owned by Fisher Price), maybe you can get a new light bulb by ordering from the company. Thanks for your remark.

  • profile image

    Dancing Queen 

    9 years ago

    I have one of these sets and it is really really lovely - but the light and the music doesn't work anymore & I cannot seem to get to the bulb to replace it or to check the wiring isn't loose - anyone know how I can do this please?

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    Hi Susan, I've noticed this isn't commonly sold at retailers, but it is available online! :)

  • susansisk profile image

    Susan Sisk 

    9 years ago from Georgia, USA

    Thanks for writing this. I didn't realize there was a Little People Nativity Set. it is so cute!

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    Thanks mercon and BevsPaper, I think this nativity set is unique for being both a toy set and a nativity. Thank you very much for your warm compliments.

  • BevsPaper profile image


    9 years ago from Central Indiana

    I so love this little Nativity Set! Great Hub! BTW I found this through SheToldMe so it works.

  • mercon profile image


    9 years ago

    aaaw.. nice article... u are great hubber..

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    Thanks RNMSN. I agree that leaving the set out would help kids learn about Jesus. Though in some families that might make having an alternate nativity set for the kiddos seem less unique at Christmas time. At my house it probably would not be put away though.

  • RNMSN profile image

    Barbara Bethard 

    9 years ago from Tucson, Az

    I think leaving them out all the time is the best idea yet!! I had an aunt who left hers out/but man she was quick draw on my hands if I tried to touch it :( so pack up the pretty set and let the kids play with the baby jesus all year!! that's what he said wasn't it? "suffer the little children to come onto me" :) love to you

  • wannabwestern profile imageAUTHOR

    Carolyn Augustine 

    9 years ago from Iowa

    @Dohn121: That's an interesting comment! What would a Buddhist play set look like? I'm afraid cute is an unavoidable part of my parental vocabulary. Little People are oldies but goodies, but the makers of Little People at Fisher Price seem to be pushing the envelope these days.

    @Hello Hello: Yes, I agree. These are toys I will be setting aside for *my* grandkids someday. They seem to last forever.

    @Lily Rose: I hear you Lily Rose. My kids love them too. Thanks for your positive comment!

  • Lily Rose profile image

    Lily Rose 

    9 years ago from A Coast

    My kids LOVE Little People. I would have thought they'd grow out of it by now but they haven't - of course, it's only ONE of their many loves!

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    9 years ago from London, UK

    Great hub, great information. I always liked Fisher Price toys, good quality and childfriendly toys.


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