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Fisher-Price TRIO Vehicle Review

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“The blocks are very durable and fit together like Legoes.”

“My son has a great time coming up with an amazing variety of combinations for the toy!”

“I highly recommend getting this toy if your child enjoys building and creating things.”

“The quality of TRIO toys is grade A, and it is incredibly clean when you open it.”

“I bought this for my 2 year old, and he loves it! He is built everything imaginable with the toy after I got it.”

"My son absolutely love this toy. He plays with it all day long."

"We got this as a Christmas present for one of our family friends who has a little boy. He really likes it and spends hours working on it. Highly recommended for your kids."

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You want to help your kid learn and play, but you just can’t find the right thing. Some toys are too small, and are too hard for them to play with. Others are too simple, or too boring. If this is you, then you have to buy for your child the Fisher-Price Trio Vehicle. The toy is very, very light, and will be easy for them to use. Before you know it, your child will be building his/her own little universe with these blocks, and learning at the same time!

Besides being so light, the blocks are also incredibly sturdy, and solidly click together seamlessly. This toy is the perfect size for your child. It is small enough to carry, but big enough for smaller children to use. The interchangeable blocks on the vehicle are the perfect learning tool for them. The blocks let your child completely take the vehicle apart and build something new. This allows for an almost endless number of different combinations for them to use. Because of the many unique combinations, your kids will not get bored of playing with the toy, and it will also last much longer. Best of all, the building blocks on the car can be used together with other Fisher-Price products. This way, they can even improve the vehicle. Your child will love building and creating, and best of all, they will be learning! The toy is great fun, and both boys and girls will enjoy using it.


  • The TRIO vehicle is made of interchanging blocks
  • It (the blocks) can be used with other Fisher-Price TRIO toys
  • The toy is perfect for educational purposes
  • The large blocks are easy to use
  • The TRIO toy is very sturdy
  • There is an endless number of ways to put it together


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