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Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Ship

Updated on April 21, 2016

Aaagh Me Hearties - He'll Love his Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Ship!

What little boy hasn't seen Pirates of the Caribbean and immediately wanted to play at pirates -with a Fisher price Pirate Ship he can sail the oceans and pillage all he likes!

Fisher Price makes the Imaginext Black and Red Pirate Ship and the Imaginext Serpant Pirate ship, as well as non Imaginext products like the Fisher-Price Little People Lil Pirate Ship or the Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky.

So you have to choose a Fisher Price Pirate Ship - or walk the plank!

Let's go through your choices.


Fisher Price Imaginext Black and Red Pirate Ship

This Fisher Price Pirate Ship is designed for children over 3 years old as the two pirates that come along with the ship are rather small.

It is a lot more durable than it looks – and it will need to be. The Pirate ship is a favorite with boys and will end up in the bathtub and in all sorts of other situations.

It doesn’t have rigid plastic sails – they’re actually nylon so if he plays with it outside they will blow around in the breeze.

As a warning you will need to purchase a pack of pirates on the same scale, as FP doesn’t offer any other than the two that come with the set.

This is a pirate ship after all, not the Love Boat!

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Fisher Price Imaginext Serpent Pirate Ship

This interactive toy is exceedingly cool with lots of moveable parts that will keep any child ages 3 and up entertained for hours. There's just so much to do with it.

What kid doesn't like toys that shoot? This one shoots spears out of it's mouth.

Push on its tail and the mouth opens as the head snaps forward.

The sails fly open when you turn a disk on top.

If you're looking for a toy that will expand and grow your child's imagination, the Imaginext Serpent Pirate ship is it. The bright colors and loads of compartments are great for younger kids while the many moveable parts will appeal to older children. This one is recommended for kids ages 3 to 8.

It comes with two figures cloaked in masks and armor that can easily be removed, a treasure chest with a couple of coins, three projectiles and a cannon launcher that can be removed as well.

Fisher Price Imaginext Serpent Pirate Ship


Fisher Price Little People Lil Pirate Ship

This Fisher Price Pirate ship will give you more bang for your buck – literally, because when you add 2 AA batteries the canon will make an authentic sound and if the child presses on the parrot it plays tunes.

There’s plenty to explore onboard, and below the decks you’ll find sleeping quarters and a treasure map.

It opens up so little hands can get in and move the two figures it comes with around.

The Fisher Price Little People Lil Pirate Ship is colorful with lots of things little hands can touch and play with onboard, like the hammock and there’s even an anchor.

Again you will need some additional people so as he grows he can have some authentic pirate fights.

This Fisher Price Pirate ship is suitable for 2 – 6 year olds and is, like all FP toys, extremely durable.


Fisher-Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

This is my personal favorite, but if he's hooked on Pirates of the Caribbean, he'll probably like the Imaginext ship better - it looks more Black Pearl-ish.

This Fisher Price Pirate Ship is battery-powered and offers a lot more than the other two ships.

The spring-loaded canons fire water ball projectiles and inside the Tick-Tock crock lies a hidden door. Capt'n Bucky comes with 25 action phrases and songs, but alas "and really bad eggs" isn't one of them.

We like this Pirate Ship because it's on wheels so it can be pulled around the house as your little one makes up his story of treasure, gold and lost islands.

This Fisher Price Pirate ship comes with Jake and Skully figures on board plus Tick Tock Croc, and three water-ball projectiles.

Here's A Great Look At This Pirate Ship

Time To Choose

So there you have it... 4 great pirate ships from Fisher Price. We like Jake and the Neverland Pirates because it's musical, but your child will no doubt be happy with whatever ship you select.

Since we're mostly talking about Imaginext here, the traditional Black and Red is one of those "can't go wrong" selections. The Serpent adds a little extra something that many children will find appealing. But with either of these two we highly recommend you look around for some additional pirates for play. After all, he'll need a full crew. The good news is that it's easy enough to find those extras on Amazon as well.

And for the smaller children, the Little People pirate ship is the perfect choice to introduce him to the world of pirate play. The extras it come with (don't forget the batteries) such as sounds will keep him entertained for hours. This is one toy that won't end up at the bottom of the toy box.

Yo, Ho, Ho.

What's Your Favorite Fisher Price Pirate Ship?

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    • steverayg13 profile image

      steverayg13 4 years ago

      These look awesome!

    • profile image

      MaryMitchell 4 years ago

      Looks a great toy for aspiring young pirates!