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Fishing Games

Updated on October 17, 2013

Are you cramped up in your little cubicle at work trying to a good little Dilbert or Dilberta? That corporate drone may be putting you to sleep, and what is needed is a few minutes of fishing games to wake you up, and get your production back in line. Finding a diversion for a few minutes will let you freshen your mind up, and allow you once again focus on those lively quarterly reports, or spreadsheets with the latest budget cuts on them. Sure, you are taking a chance that the IT police will see that you have been doing none business surfing on your company computer. Nevertheless, if you have the highest production results out of anyone in the firm you work for, then it should be a none issue.

Fish Games

You might be asking why a fishing game would be the answer to killing boredom at work, and the answer is that the game is quick, and not ongoing like Farmville, or Cafeville on Facebook, and you can just play five or ten minutes worth, and forget about it. However there are some fish games that will allow you to compete world wide for biggest catch or highest score, but those should be reserved for playing online games at home. Even fly fishing games are quick and to the point online, and will not get you trapped into anything very intricate.

Bass Fishing Games

Play Free Fishing Games Online Today
Play Free Fishing Games Online Today

Free Fishing Games

Finding just the right Bass fishing, or bigfishgames may be another store as there are hundreds of titles available online that you can play for free. If they have the screws put to your Internet connection at work, then just get out your blackberry, or iPhone and play during your breaks, or at lunch. It's fun, and simple without having to learn a lot of rules. The best part is that you will have a great past time when you are sitting in a waiting room at the doctor's office from now on, and will not have to read those thirteen year old National Geographic magazines anymore.

The Bass pro fishing games are some of the best and will give you all the entertainment you want, and in whatever time doses that you can be allotted. But, do keep one eye peeled for the boss, just in case he or she is not as understanding as some would in this type of situation.

Fishng Games Video

Online Fishing Games

The sheer number of online fishing games available to play whenever you want is almost uncountable, but there are millions of duplicated fishng games that people put up on those play game for free sites. Just Google your favorite type of angler sport with the terms free, online, and games to get to variety of trophy grabbing you want to play.

With the recent introduction to the Windows Phone operating system, Microsoft lets you play your favorite pro bass fishing game that you would normally play on your Xbox 360, but on your new smart phone. Watching a friend play a shooting game on his last night was very impressive. He said that you only have to pay two dollars, and download the game to your phone.


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