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Five Best Guitar Hero Faceplates for Wii

Updated on December 27, 2008
The Phoenix Faceplate
The Phoenix Faceplate

Get Ready To Rock Out In Style

As much as I hate to admit it I am a closet Guitar Heroist. Yes you heard me right. I am in my early 30's and I play with a toy guitar, (sometimes in my underwear just like the commercials) tapping 5 colored buttons. Luckily my girlfriend is a witness to this rather horrific sight. She says she's gotten quite use to it though like a rookie butcher in a slaughter house.

But I don't mind. I will strive to break through the embarrassment and humiliation. Today I even play it when her parents and coworkers visit. Why? Because it is fun. Crazy fun. Addictingly fun to the point where I'm actually trying impress said company every time under the watchful yet rolling eyes of my girlfriend/groupie.

And just like any game fan who is truly addicted I coerced and cajoled some of my best friends to play Guitar Hero. 1 month later and 6 best friend's angry girlfriends and wives later, I have gathered a 7 man Guitar Hero band of face melters.

With our built in manly instincts we felt the urge to customize our guitar controllers. Because all the guitars controllers come with a white faceplate out of the box. So as you can imagine seven exact copies of guitars in a living room can get quite confusing. And there is no way to differentiate which belongs to who unless we examine the Cheese Doodle stain fingerprints closely.

So all of us went on a search for a guitar faceplate befitting our inner child's unique sense of style.

Finally after checking all of them out I've compiled my Top Five Best Guitar Hero Faceplate for Nintendo Wii. Check them out!

1. Guitar Hero 3 Faceplate Skin for Nintendo Wii - Bio Hazzard

This is the one I bought, so naturally it's number one. What I like about the Bio Hazard faceplate is that it has a nice hallucinogenic effect when you're swinging your guitar around. At least that's what my friends tell me. The nice non over the nuclear colored green is a warning to all my friends of their eventual defeat during a guitar dual.

2. Guitar Hero 3 Faceplate Skin for Nintendo Wii - Skulls Black

This faceplate is perfect for those obsessed with death and mortality. And whether you are a mortician or aspiring vampire this faceplate will complete your look and style that will put a tear in Anne Rice and Stephen King's eyes. The design of this faceplate overall is very well combined. This was my second choice and if Bio Hazzard wasn't in stock I would have bought this one instead.

3. Guitar Hero 3 Faceplate Skin for Nintendo Wii - Weeds Black

Now I'm not one to condone smoking drugs but let's face it. Most guitarist's lips have touched Mary Jane at least once or twice. In some cases everyday. This is actually my least favorite to be honest as the designs are rather simple. But after some serious goading by one of my friends who is a fan of lighting up for medical reasons say it does not deserve 5th position.

4. Guitar Hero 3 Faceplate Skin for Nintendo Wii - Vegas Black

This is faceplate is for the gambler in all of you. Though just a bit busy ifor my taste it still has very well designed and interesting graphics. This is one of my friend's favorite skin and he swears he's been winning more at the tables after he placed this skin on his guitar. What an idiot.

5. Guitar Hero 3 Faceplate Skin for Nintendo Wii - Red Hoochie

If I made a hub for best Guitar Hero faceplate name, this one would win hands down. Perfect for the guy who wants a picture of a sulty girl on his lap as he strums his guitar. The Red Hoochi is one of my favorites but my girlfriend will kill me if I had this on my guitar controller.

She can deal with me playing a toy guitar but she can't deal with the sight of me playing a toy guitar with a sexy cartoon. Go figure.

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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle

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Any other cool Guitar Hero faceplates you've heard about?

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