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How To Mod Minecraft, Five Fun Minecraft Mods

Updated on January 26, 2011
For more Minecraft mods, visit:
For more Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

Minecraft is a sandbox adventure / building game that has been contributed to greatly by an avid modding community who have strongly influenced the game's development. If you're finding that your Minecraft experience has become stale, why not check out these mods. Some of them are merely cosmetic, others will change the game forever.

I've chosen these mods because they're mods that I've tried myself and found to be quite useful. Most of them are easily installed by a newbie, assuming that a newbie is willling to read a few instructions first.

Single Player Commands

This is a brilliant mod if you really want to take Minecraft by the horns. It does have game breaking capacity (if you tend to play Minecraft as an adventure game especially) but if you like to simply build large structures and act as a god in your Minecraft world, then Single Player Commands will help you fly. Literally.

Better Light

Better Light is a very popular mod that changes the way light is rendered in Minecraft. A great many Minecrafters absolutely swear by it, and if you're the sort of person who likes trying out new Texture packs and pushing Minecraft to its graphical limits, then you'd be a fool not to use Better Light.

Zan's MiniMap Mod

Xan's MiniMap mod adds a mini map to Minecraft, which is pretty much essential for anyone who likes to explore beyond the nearest hedge. With settings that allow you to place waypoints on your map, and more importantly, find your way home after many long days of exploration, this little mod is one of the most useful tools that even Minecraft purists often use.

AdventureCraft Mod

AdventureCraft changes Minecraft entirely, removing the building capacity and hurling you into a world in which you must defeat foes, navigate mazes, and use boomerangs to retrieve keys. This isn't so much a mod for the base game as it is a sort of add on that allows you to play Minecraft in a whole new way. If you like Minecraft at all I'd highly recommend checking out AdventureCraft.

Wild Grass

Wild Grass is a mod that changes the way grass grows in your Minecraft world. No longer do you spend your days wandering through strangely manicured lawns, no, with Wild Grass, the grasslands are fully capable of hiding both friend and foe. An entirely cosmetic mod, this is a great little addition for adventure players, or people who just want to add a little bit of wild atmosphere to the game.


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