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Five Fun Things You Can Do With Dry Ice With Kids

Updated on January 14, 2011

Fun with Frozen Carbon Dioxide

Who knew that you could have so much fun with dry ice. You have to be careful of course. You can;t really touch it for too long. Not longer than a second with most people. It's kind of like the cold version of fire. You wouldn't put your hand in a fire, but you wouldn't say you would never use it because it is dangerous like that. Some people may be scared to use it, but it can be a lot of fun! It may be hard to find in your area, so I would be good to do some research to find out where you can buy some dry ice.

Before You Start

You should take some precautions just with anything that can cause any kind of damage. No mater what degree is can be. You should have a nice clear area for whatever you plan to do. You should have some utensils to handle the dry ice and a bowl for the dry ice it self (since you will probably be buying the pellet form). The bowl should be thick so that just in case someone picks it up, they don't freeze their fingers. No metal bowls! It is also good if the kids wear gloves just to be extra safe. But if that takes away the fun, and you know your child is responsible, gloves are really not necessary. A pair of tongs with a grip should be sufficient.  It should also be good to cover the area with some newspaper if you are dealing with a lot of water and soap.  It can get really messy sometimes and you want an easy clean up.  

Bowl Bubbles

Take a big bowl and fill it with some warm water.  This is where you will be putting the dry ice so make sure it is big enough.  Mix some soap and water in another bowl, smaller than the first one. Get some shoelace (long enough to stretch across the diameter of the bowl), a long thick string of some sort, or even a long,thin strip of an old rag or piece of clothing.  Drench the string in the soapy water.  Let it sit thee while you grad some dry ice with your tongs and drop them into the large bowl of warm water.  Get some of your fingers soapy, and soap up the entire edge of the top of the large bowl with he dry ice.  Now get your string and drag it lengthwise form the end of the top edge of the bowl, to the other side.  Doing this, you will see a thin layer of the soup coming from the string as you drag it along the bowl.  Try and complete the motion and watch your bowl bubble rise!

Smoke Bubbles

An alternative to the above activity is to just put soap in the bowl with the dry ice itself.  It can create a similar effect, but it is with multiple bubbles.  It is like watching cells multiplying.  You can still pop them and see smoke.  You will definitely need to have newspaper around so that it doesn't get to hard to clean it up afterwards.  

Air Pressure

If the dry ice is put into a jar or bottle, you can demonstrate the idea of gas and how it moves. When you cover the top of the bottle or jar, the pressure builds up and a huge release of gas is demonstration when you lift you hand.  Just don't keep your hand on for too long.  You don't want you kids getting the idea of a dry ice bomb.

Smoke Projectiles

This one is my favorite one and I know a lot of kids can enjoy this.  You can learn to make one of these smoke ring shooters and give you kids the power to shoot smoke bursts.  It really looks surreal and I when I first saw it I didn't think it looked real.  I had to make it myself and test it out.

You can make these things yourself pretty easily.  Instead of using a smoke machine like in the video, you can put a small jar of warm water and jar ice and "charge" up your smoke ring gun. They can go really far and are pretty powerful.  The bigger the garbage bin you use, the more powerful the rings will be.

Just Set It And Watch it Bubble

This is probably the most calming thing you can do.  It really is like a cold version of fire.  If you set a bowl of dry ice and warm water in the center of the room.  And make sure the area is quiet.  Just watch the way the smoke forms and moves.  It''s hypnotizing.  Like watching a fire.  And the sound of the bubbling is like the sound of fire cracking.  It can be your indoor campfire.  Or Campicefire.  It also has something fire can't do.  And that its fill the surround area with a misty, mesmerizing, calming, cool layer of smoke. 


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    • profile image

      Carlos 3 years ago

      Before you take any acne treatment, make sure you know the root cause of the acne. You might end up siendpng a lot of money on the wrong solutions. Often, taking the wrong treatment only aggravates the acne.

    • profile image

      Easter 3 years ago

      Kewl you should come up with that. Exelclent!

    • cocopreme profile image

      Candace Bacon 6 years ago from Far, far away

      Experimenting with dry ice is lots of fun. I love to watch it bubble and fog in liquids.