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Five Must Haves for YouTube Gamers

Updated on September 18, 2017

First – A genre of gaming you are passionate about. This may sound basic but you want to have a following and this sometimes means you need to show focus – at least to start. For instance, do you like role-playing, strategic, action, adventure, sports, or simulation? Many gamers like different types but if you had to pick one for now, which one is your go-to because you really love it?

Second – Microphone. If you are going to record for YouTube, good sound is important or no one will stay on your channel. When shopping for a microphone, you will find many to choose from so make a list before you shop – what is y our budget and what will work best with your computer?

Third – Screen recording software. The ability to record the game and the moves you are making is an essential part of your final video you will put on YouTube. When shopping for this software, have in mind how long you will need to capture because some have limits. There are several free versions available on many popular programs but be sure they will do what you need them to do and not put watermarks on your video.

Fourth –Video equipment. You will likely want multiple angles to get the best final video for YouTube. In addition to screen recording, having a video camera will give you great options. If you are on a very tight budget, you could even use your SmartPhone to get started. Think about your goals and work from there. This is important if you want to be a “personality” in the gaming world. If not, this may not be a “must have” for you.

Fifth – Video editing software. Let’s face it, most people find it hard to get a perfect “first take” with video. Also, you may not want all aspects of the game play in your YouTube video. The solution for this is to have editing software. Multicam editing can be helpful if you want to put webcam, video, and screen recording together.


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