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Five New Video Games You Should Play: March 2011

Updated on February 24, 2011

Pokemon Black/White

I have been an avid Pokemon fan since the release of Blue/Red. Each iteration of the series has brought something new to the table which leaves us pokemaniacs foaming at the mouth. Black/White introduces many new features which includes changing seasons and three-way battles as others. The greatest thing about the series is the ability to play for just a few minutes or all night long. Although it is a disappointment that B/W will not be released on the 3DS we will still likely be able to take advantage of the new wireless features of the 3DS. With 150ish new Pokemon this is sure to be yet another Pokemon game to spend more time with then our own family. Pokemon Black/White will be available for the DS on March 6.


Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 is the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins one of my favorite games. The original was full of memorable moments and was an excellent throwback to RPGs of the 90's. The problems of DAO appear to be fixed in DA2; namely the combat and lackluster visual style. DA2 is set in the same world but in a more northern territory and is said to have several cameos from DAO. The new combat system is framed in a vamped up level up tree which is said to make leveling a much more satisfying experience. Dragon Age 2 will be available on March 8 for the PS3, 360 and PC.



The premise of Homefront is that in the year 2027 the world has undergone an energy crisis and a hard hit United States has been invaded by North Korea. This is an interesting take for a FPS (First Person Shooter) as many are on either end of the reality spectrum. This story falls somewhere in between allowing for realistic weapons and combat situations but being set several years in the future allows for much more wiggle room for weapon and area creativity. It has been said that the narrative of Homefront will play a large role in the game perhaps giving it an edge over more realistic shooters. Homefront will be available on March 15 for PS3, 360 and PC.


Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is another FPS set in the not to distant future. The Premise is that NYC has been invaded by an alien species and it is up to the player to put on his nanosuit and kick ass. The nanosuit allows the player a few special abilities such as a stealth mode, making the player invisible, and giving him a thick armor. The game is very fast paced and the environments are well developed. Crysis 2 will be available on March 24 for the PS3,360 and PC.


LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

The LEGO series of games has been increasingly popular, but none more so then the Star Wars iterations,The Clone Wars looks to be no different. This game is based mostly on the wildly popular television show of the same name as well as the theatrical movie. TCW allows the player to take command of the Jedi or Seperatists and includes many new moves including lightsaber jumps ands attacks. One of the shining new features is the level builder where players can create their own battlefield and even their own personalized base. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars will be available on March 22 for PS3, PC, Wii, PSP and DS.

Which game are you looking forward to most in March?

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