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Five Nights At Freddy's 4 - Crying Child Theories

Updated on October 29, 2015

Hello Freddy



Quite a lot of speculation is happening around the FNAF games. Scott Cawthon has declared that the story is complete, leaving many fans confused as the story is not stated outright anywhere in the series of games. Everything we know we have had to piece together for ourselves out of hints and clues that have been left for us, sometimes in very tricky areas. I cannot be the only one to say this has been a very exciting story.

Many of you theorists have pieced together timelines for the pizza stores, when certain animatronics have been introduced, and various other details surrounding the timeline itself. Theories abound about Purple Guy, Telephone Guy, our various protagonist Security people, all with points and counter points, and made very interesting discoveries on the smallest and most cleverly hidden clues. It has been amazing to watch, and I have mainly been watching in amazement.

I come to you guys now with my own theories. I have yet to see these ideas discussed elsewhere, so I hope I am not late to the party yet again, and that you guys can help flesh out, or discredit as the case may be, these ideas as well.

If You Don't Know The Story Yet:

Story Is A Huge Part Of This Page!

And is far too much to recount here. However, I will be talking about various parts of it at various times. If you haven't played the games yet please do so. If you don't want to do that then I suggest you at the very least watch someone play. I'm putting a video of Markiplier playing FNAF 4 at the side of this page (--->) for your convenience, but feel free to find nearly anyone else playing if you wish. I just personally find Markiplier adorable when he is scared, but each to his own!

First Day, Five Nights to Go

Game Play:

The critical time for this child's nightmares (I'm fairly certain we are all agreed that this is replaying a nightmare scenario, though there are other possibilities) is 12 AM to 6 AM. I find this particularly interesting as most children would not restrict their night fears to these particular times without some reason. Most children would be scared of monsters from the beginning of bedtime until morning, and most children of about that age (10 or so?) go to bed somewhere around 9 and get up at 7 or so, generalizing here but I was a child and had children of my own so I think I'm averaging fairly well here. So why is the critical time 12-6 besides gameplay function? There might be a few reasons.

1) Someone is awake and noisy enough to be a comfort to the child until midnight, and then again at 6 am. It is unlikely to be the same person, but it could be. I find this situation unlikely for various reasons, but it is possible so I am including it here.

2) There is a reason the child is aware that these are the dangerous times, such as someone working in the restaurant and relaying stories that have revealed this danger zone. This is far more likely the reason for this very specific time zone.

Also the times when the player is able to skip to 2 am is likely the result of the child being able to sleep for an extra 2 hours for some reason, such as he didn't notice the silence right away and slept an extra two hours or just woke two hours later than his normal worry zone time, noticed the time and then went on alert.

First Scene:

Child is in his room. We were told by Toy Freddy, "What did he do this time? He locked you in your room again." So we know this isn't the first time this has happened. Implications: Male authority figure, apparent neglect, potential abuse.

Pile of stuffed animals in the corner which the child refers to as "his friends." He then knocks on the door until he gives up and falls to the floor crying, alternatively if you wait long enough he will just give up and fall to the floor crying. Implications: Potentially these stuffed figures are the only friends this child has? Iffy, but potentially this is a clue.

Night Two


Second Day, Four Nights to Go

In the cutscene on the second night Toy Freddy tells us "You know he is hiding again. He won't stop until you find him." This is most definitely a reference to the big brother this time. We know this because we see the big brother at the end of the cutscene, I assume he began a game of hide and seek specifically to scare his little brother.

In this case I do not believe that this means Toy Freddy is referring to the same "he" in this scene as in the first night. The "he" referred to in the first night had the authority or power to lock the smaller boy in his room for the night without fear of repercussions, but again this is a guess and is not confirmed at this point.

Third Day, Three Nights to Go

The boy is crying under the table at the restaurant and being told, "He left without you. He knows that you hate it here. You are right beside the exit. If you run you can make it. Hurry, run towards the exit."

If you run the wrong way you get the message, "No, don't you remember what you saw? The exit is the other way. Hurry and leave!" Running the correct way shows someone in one of the suits, you can clearly see the face of the person inside the suit, and the message, "Its too late. Hurry and find someone who will help! You know what will happen if he catches you!"

Continuing on the first way again you see several animatronics on stage and get the message, "You can find help if you get past them. You have to be strong." At that point he falls again to the ground under a table, crying. Immediately, if this actually was not the trigger, the person in the suit shows up again behind you.

Implications: He is afraid of the animatronics. It isn't clear if he is more afraid of the suited ones or the automatic ones, but he has heard or seen something that shows they are dangerous. Whoever brought him here knows he is afraid, but doesn't know, or possibly does know but doesn't care, why. I believe the person who brought him here works at this location, because the wording suggests someone who was here and left, leaving the child behind. Not as likely to be someone who just dropped the child off. Still, at this point it could be the brother, who obviously doesn't care that his little brother is scared and so when he gets bored of the place he just leaves and doesn't care that his brother did not follow him.

Who is This Child?


Fourth Day, Two Nights to Go

We start at the same location as night three, under the table, crying. Message, "He hates you. You have to get up. You can get up this time, but you have to hurry." Implying that he did not get out last time?

Walking up to a child in the other room he or she says, "Where's your plush toy? Mine is Spring Bonny. My Daddy says I have to be careful with him or he will pinch my finger. He is a finger trap, he says."

Second child, "You'd better watch out! I hear they come to life at night. And if you die they hide your body and never tell anyone. Why do you look so worried? See you at the party! Ha ha ha!" This seems like needless exposition, after all we already know this tidbit. But why is it being passed around among children?

Third child, "Aren't you the kid who always hides under the table and cries? Hahaha! No one else is scared! Why are you? Stop being such a baby!" Maybe the question should be, what are you afraid of and should I be scared as well? I wonder if this is one of the murdered kids.

Fourth child, "Why are you crying? Don't you like my toy collection?"

Final child, holding a balloon of all things, "Are you going to the party? Everyone is going to the party. Oh wait, you have to go! It's YOUR birthday! Hahaha!"

At home, Golden Freddy Plush just says, "Be careful." Then in your own room you are surprised by your brother in a Foxy head.

Final thought, I see the Golden Freddy Plush image in every screen as a way of reinforcing how much of a mental support this plush is for this child. He 'sees' Plush Freddy as always being near him in a way, whenever he needs the support.

Fifth Day, One Night to Go

Open on the child locked in a storage room, dismembered animatronic parts on shelves behind him. Actually might be considered torture to do to a little boy who is afraid of the animatronics, honestly.

"Please let me out. PLEASE!" Then he falls to the floor. "Please let me out...."

This scene actually makes think that it is far less likely to be his brother who brings him to this location. It wouldn't be the first time a child has been locked in a closet by a sibling, even in a store location. However, in a busy, popular kid store like this I don't know how likely it is that he wouldn't be heard banging on the door so someone would find him, or at least call out that help was being found. Still, nothing is conclusive, as I'm sure Scott planned.

Big Brother and Cohorts


Day of the Party

Random Kid, "Wow, your brother is kind of a baby, isn't he?"

Another kid, maybe the brother? "It's hilarious. Maybe we should help him get a closer look! He will love it!"

Our child protagonist, "No please!"

The potential brother voice from above, "Come on guys, lets give this little man a lift. He wants to get up close and personal."

Child Protagonist, "No I don't want to go!"

Potential Brother, "You heard the little man! He wants to get even closer! Hahaha!" Then, "Hey guys, I think the little man said he wants to give Fredbear a big kiss! ON THREE! One.... Two...." And of course this is when the BAD THING happens.

So, a few things here. I do not for a moment believe the brother thought this was going to happen, or was even a possibility. On the other hand, for some reason our protagonist knew the animatronics were a danger, and even that Toy Spring Bonnie could trap your fingers. I don't think that means he knew he could be seriously injured or killed in this way, only that something dangerous was happening here and being covered up, and most likely that it was an adult doing it. After all, kids can only hide things for so long, and if it was kids doing it then an adult could be trusted to turn to. Who do kids turn to when it is an adult doing it though? This is the scene that absolves the brother for me. Sure he was a bit of a punk, but little brothers can be a pain. I have seen many a big brother be frustrated as heck by their little brother and do really mean things, but when it comes down to something happening to that brother I have never seen one intentionally do something that would honestly hurt them.

So that leaves me with the idea that an adult in this kid's life has some power over this kid, and is doing something really wrong.

The Hospital

Grey text, "Can you hear me? I don't know if you can hear me. I'm sorry." I think this is the brother, reaching out to the protagonist through his coma.

Golden text, "You're broken." Headless Toy Foxy fades out. "We are still your friends." Toy Chica fades out. "Do you still believe that?" Toy Bonnie fades out. "I'm still here." Toy Fredbear fades out. "I will put you back together." Toy Golden Freddy, our hard and fast friend, fades out.

Does this signify the loss of life? Is this the fading consciousness of our protagonist? We know through subtle hints throughout the game that our child made it to the hospital. I truly believe the game is playing us through his nightmare recreations of his last few days before the accident. The worst versions of what actually happened, so we are seeing them through his foggy remembering. This though, this makes me think that he finally passed away in the end. Does he then end up becoming a ghost and inhabiting one of the animatronics, or at the least haunting the store? Quite possible. After all, he alone seemed to be aware that something nasty was happening there. It is very likely that he would feel compelled to do whatever he could to help other children not go through what he witnessed.

Conclusion Time

So nothing is confirmed. Everything is still really flexible and hazy, and from what we have seen Scott Cawthon seems to like it this way. Honestly I think he should. He has built a mystery time and again that has been completely torn to its smallest bits and deciphered, and this time we are having troubles finding all the bits and pieces, and it is just incredible and fun as heck! Well, at least to me it is. I personally have found nothing definitive in any of this, just a few clues and phrases that have pricked at my curiousity, but that I have found no one else discussing as of yet. So I thought I'd lay it all out here for you guys and gals of the internet to pick apart.

Basically what my theory of events comes down to a few general points. I think that whoever is abusing our protagonist is that child's step-father (potentially mother, but for vague reasons I'm thinking the guilty party is male). I believe this person has abused our protagonist, and not only by locking him in his room from time to time. I also believe this person works at the pizza parlor, or has ties to the place. Finally, I think this person is the child killer. All of this is based off of dialogue that is vague at best, but every time I watch through a let's play of the game I feel the same way. So this is what I'm asking for you guys to weigh in on. Am I reading wierd things into this? I think that is quite fair to say actually. The real question is, could I be right?

It has taken me a saddening amount of time longer to write this up and publish it than I had originally intended. Not because this was truly difficult to write by any means, more because other things have continued to put themselves in the way of finishing it up. At least I have gotten it out there before the Halloween deadline this year. Please enjoy, and let me know if you think I have something here or am way off track.

Until next time!

And the Murderer is...

Who do you think actually committed the murders?

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