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Five Things I Love About The Nintendo Wii

Updated on March 23, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Day 7

This is the 7th day of the Gratitude Challenge I started.  The Nintendo Wii was my favorite console for a while.  That place has been taken over by the PS3.  But I still love the Wii.  There many reasons why the Wii shouldn't just fizzle away.  I had a lot of games for my Wii, and a lot of the accessories.  All of it was fun and I had a good time.  Some of their games are really addictive.  Here is why I still love the Nintendo Wii. 

It created the motion gaming revolution

No matter what console fan you are, no one can deny this fact.  Nintendo made motion gaming fun.  It may have existed in other gaming platforms, but Nintendo found a way to may it fun and appeal to so many non gamers.  Now anything with motion control automatically gets called a "Wii rip off" even though in truth it's only an evolved idea based on the Wii.  Which isn't a rip off. That is how things get better.  Thank you Nintendo for making gaming fun for everyone.

Small Design

It's has a small design so you can pretty much put it anywhere.  Put it on its side, or flat underneath/on top of something.  It's really versatile.  And it looks really cool with the blue light. There are also red Wiis you can get with the 25 years of Mario anniversary package.  And you can choose a black Wii if your store has it.  I'm sure of any other colors, but I;m sure they will released if they are already.  And you can always put a skin on your Wii and well!   

Exercising Games? What?

Who knew the Wii Fit would become so popular.  A game where you learn to exercise.  Sounds fun doesn't it?  Well it is.  Really fun!  Aside from the actual working out and yoga posing, there are some mini games you can play that are really fun and intuitive.  Nintendo is always coming up with crazy game ideas and making your positioning of weight on a board with sensors, a challenging, fun thing to do, is really awesome. 

Speaker on your controller

This doesn't like a big deal, but its a nice little feature I love about the Wii.  No other console has it and it can add a lot to your gaming experience.  It's almost like 3D sound with some games.  Swiping a sword, or hitting a wall.  Or hearing your character in your remote.  It's really something you wouldn't think of doing, but it adds a lot.  I really hope speakers appear on more controllers in the future.


My Wii has gone through a lot of damage and it still works.  I have never had to return it to get a new one, nor has there been any problems with the software.  It updates fast and constantly (if you have the 24 hour Wifi on) and are always up to date with whatever they update.  It has dropped a couple of times and things have dropped on it, but it is still working.  The literal console life of a single Wii machine is a long time!


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