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Five Things I Love about Sony's Playstation 3

Updated on March 23, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Day 6

This is the 6th day of of the Gratitude Challenge I started.  I'm currently on a streak of talking about my video game consoles because I realized how awesome they really are.  I mean, video games are basically like your own reality, where you can do whatever the game allows.  And some games nowadays allow a LOT.  The Playstation 3 is a really powerful console.  The most powerful console available.  These are the reasons why I love my PS3.

HD Ready

This was perfect because we had just gotten a nice HDTV.  I was able to plug and HDMI cord right from the TV to the PS3.  No adapters or special setups.  Just make sure you have a good quality HDMI cable.  If you don't you may get little white specks all over your TV screen when the PS3 is on the highest video output. Which is 1080p!

Powerful Console

The PS3 has by far the most powerful gaming ship in the history of video games. It has been out for 4 years, which was up to this point the average console life, but it still has not even reached it potential. It is capable of so much that hasn't been explored yet and it sill has many years in it's life. The popular MMORPG DC Universe will be releasing soon, and that will allow many players to play at once. It already beat a record with the game MAG, a online first person shooter that allowed up to 256 players in a game! It created a new genre, a MMFPS. A console like the Wii is quickly dying in popularity, as now better things are being released that give the same Wii feel, but even better control. Like the Playstation Eye and Move combo.

Playstation Eye and Move

This combo gives you the best precision in motion gaming.  It claims 1:1 capture, but nothing can do that now.  It will give you the best with todays technology, which is better that than Wii or XBOX Kinect.  Many of the games available are really interactive and exciting.  You can manipulate a lot on the screen, in real time.  It has even taken created some games that implement augmented reality.  Which is great from interactive gaming.  Augmented reality will be in almost everything you use in the coming years, and you won;t even realize it.  It is slowing becoming a popular way for users to interact with technology. 

Price! A Gaming Console AND Bluray player

The PS3 is a really big deal. It's crazy how low they have gotten it now.  I got mine for 200 dollars. That is 50 dollars more that the XBOX Kinect, which is an accessory for a console.  That's insane!  Why is that insane? Well even if you ignore the fact that it has the most powerful chip in gaming history, it has a Blu Ray player.  A Bluray Disc can get you the possible resolution in a home video today, without have to connect an expensive high speed connect to stream from the internet.  A bluray player itself can cost 200 dollars or more.  This console is from Sony themselves, so it will be updated whenever there is a bluray update available.  And those who own bluray players, know what I'm talking about.  It's an awesome deal for the money you pay. 

Lots of Customization and Openess

On the Wii and the Xbox 360, you have options to kind of make the console your own.  But a lot fo things are limited.  Especially in the networking options (sharing your media from your own PC).  It's hard to setup sharing options and you have to work around a lot of things to get it working.  The PS3 is able to detect almost and type of anything, so you can be sure that the PS3 has connected to something.  Sharing content from my PC was simple and easy to setup.  There are a lot of options to do anything on this console!


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