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Five Video Game Machines

Updated on December 3, 2010

Glory to the Machine! Here are 5 video game machines that are quite awesome in their own regard. This is not a top 5 list for the record and is meant only for enjoyment of the reader.

 1) GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) “Portal”

 Glados is the psychotic computer that ran Aperture Science Enrichment Center. She spends her time Guiding Chell through a series of increasingly deadly “tests” with the promise of cake upon their completion. Unfortunately the cake is a lie and GLaDOS is a psychotic computer but not one bent on world domination or the destruction of humanity (outside that little mishap with the Neurotoxin) but instead devotes her time to science. For there is no grander purpose in this world.

2) Clockwerk “Sly Cooper”

Clockwerk was an Owl who was so envious, so utterly jealous of the Cooper Family thieving reputation that the set out to eclipse them. Replacing his body with “soulless” machine parts he has survived for over a thousand years on a steady diet of hatred and Jealousy.

Clockwerk eventually almost succeeds when he kills Sly’s family leaving Sly alive to prove a point, that without the Thievius Raccoonus the Cooper Family would not be Master Thieves. Unfortunately for him The Thievius Raccoonus doesn’t make master thieves, it takes master thieves to make the Thievius Raccoonus.

3) President John Henry Eden “Fallout 3”

John Henry Eden was originally a monitoring system for the Raven Rock Military Base outside DC; that was housed on a ZAX supercomputer. In his storage banks there are vast amounts of data on Pre War America. Over the years he became sentient and was an advisor to the former President Dick Richardson. He assumed control over the Enclave after the destruction of the Oil Rig in Fallout 2 and move them to the East Coast.

As present of the United States he promised a better tomorrow but ultimately he planned to continue the plan hatched back on the Oil Rig to exterminate all none pure humans using the FEV virus. Only the Lone Wanderer can decide whether the Presidents insidious plan will reach fruition or not.

4) Dr. Letz Shake “No More Heroes 2”

Once upon a time a genius inventor named Dr. Shake invented an earthquake machine in which his brain was ultimately transplanted into. In the fifth ranked battle in No More Heroes before he could launch his attack he was sliced through by Henry. Resurrected by the United Assassins Association he now works solo.

Eventually he took his revenge on Henry and incased him in carbonite and mounted him onto his body. Will Travis Touchdown be able to save his brother? Or will the whole world shake in fear?

5)   Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap or I.N.A.C. “Borderlands”

Sent by Hyperion Corporation, INAC purpose was to spread rumors, poison, and plant traps to kill the Vault Hunters so that Hyperion can collect the sweet weapons that the Vault Hunters have acquired. Why? So they can make more money, why else.

Unfortunately while INAC was on Pandora he observed the mistreatment of his fellow Claptraps and revolted against everything, beginning the Robolution. Only the Vault Hunters can put an end to his insane plan and to quell the robolution before it consumes all of Pandora.

Thank you for reading. Now there is only one more thing needs to be said now. And that is…


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