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Five Audio Actors We Hear in Almost Every Video Game, Let's Get to Know Them More in This Report

Updated on April 21, 2022

Voice actors play an important role in all types of games, especially story games because they make you more and more connected to the character over time, so in today's article, we will talk about five voice actors that we often hear in various video games. Without further lengthening, let's start

Nolan North

From Nathan Drake to Desmond Miles to Prince in Prince of Persia 2008, Nolan North has put his mark (or voice) in many of the best video game titles. So if we wanted to put all the games he played in, we would need a separate report from him because, according to one source, Nolan North had participated in more than 120 games.

The voice actor has a unique and familiar voice for many players and his talent does not seem to stop soon as he will play Tony Stark in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers as well.

Troy Bricker

Who doesn't know Troy Bricker? He is also one of the most famous voice actors ever, especially recently. He has played roles in various game genres such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 3, and Catherine. So the percentage that you heard him even once on a very high.

Becker is famous for his vocal performance of key gaming characters such as Gul from The Last of Us, Poker DeWitt of Bioshock Infinite and even the main characters of Saints Row games. We'll also hear him again in about two weeks because he will play the role of a VIP in Death Stranding.

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale is another voice that many people should be familiar with, has an impressive resume and continues to grow with more famous roles. Her most famous role was in the Mass Effect series where she played Commander Shepard and many consider this character to be one of the best characters and her performance was especially strong when players choose the rebellious path.

Jennifer has many roles in various popular games like Bioshock Infinite, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Halo Series, Overwatch and Mortal Kombat 11 - surely these are just the most famous titles they have had. The actress has an excellent and diverse voice and we wouldn't be surprised to see her play big roles in future games.

Matthew Mercer

Overwatch players will know him quickly as he is the owner of “It's High Noon”, which plays Mcree, and he also played Core Leonis in Final Fantasy XV and Robin in Batman: Arkham Knight as well as Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 6. Of course, Matt Mercer played many roles Others in different games like Judgement, Injustice 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Fallout 4 and Destiny.

Also often we will hear the character's voice soon in the game Death Stranding released on November 8 next to Troy Bricker.

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey has a great autobiography where she made the voices of many different characters in the world of games and anime as well. Some of her high profile roles were Kate Diaz in Gears of War and Catherine, as you would expect in Catherine and Nadine Ross in Uncharted as well as Sarah Varun in Final Fantasy XIII.

She also had many different roles in games like Infamous Second Son and The Wolf Among Us, the last time we heard it was in the final part of Gears of War and we will hear it again next year in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers next to Nolan North.

The voice actors are a little oppressed in the gaming world and don't get the credit they deserve so I wanted to highlight some of the best voice actors in this report

Who is your favorite voice actor out of these five? Share your comments with the comments below!

© 2019 Jaber Khater


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