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Fixing Wireless Connection in Rock Band Guitar

Updated on July 31, 2012

Broken Guitar?

 Rockband, Guitar Hero, and a bunch of other games these days use wireless guitars.  Plugging the guitar in is pretty lame, and forces you to stay close to the system.  You also become a tripping hazard.  It's no surprise so many companies go for the wireless guitar nowadays.  With so many wireless guitars, there are also a lot of wireless guitar problems. 

Wireless guitars stop working for a variety of reasons.  Before you trash your guitar, make sure it can't be fixed first.  There's a variety of ways to fix a wireless guitar.  Whether your guitar is for the Xbox 360, the PS3, the Wii, or even the computer, these steps will help you fix your guitar and help you get back in the game. 

Check the Basics

Resync the Guitar - Before you have a meltdown, resync the guitar.  This can be an easy fix for your wireless guitar.  Press down the sync button on the wireless reciever.  Wait a few seconds, and press the matching button on your guitar.  See if this fixes your guitar problem. 

 Restart the System - Turn off your system and start the game again.  The guitar may have just frozen and stopped working for some reason. Before you panic and think your wireless guitar needs fixing, just try restarting the system.

 Download the latest updates - Plug your PS3 or Xbox into the internet and download the updates for your game.  This is especially important for the computer.  You can automatically fix some brands of wireless guitars just by downloading the update for the game.  When a lot of these games are released, they don't support third party controllers.  An update usually fixes this problem, and will fix the wireless guitar as well.  Download the updates and see if this fixes your problem. 

Plug the guitar in - I know it's lame to play with a guitar plugged in, but it's better than no guitar at all.  This will also tell you if it's the guitar that needs to be fixed, or just the wireless reciever.  If the guitar works when you plug it in, chances are something is wrong with the wireless reciever. 

A More Complex Fix

 Break out the electrical tape - if you haven't been able to fix your guitar thus far, it's time to take some more drastic measures.  If you have a guitar with a detachable neck, remove the guitar neck.  You probably have a problem with the connectors that needs to be fixed.  A search of the online forums will reveal that to fix this problem, you can take a bit of electrical tape, and apply it in the grooves of the guitar.  This will hold the neck snugly against the body of the wireless guitar, and make sure the connectors are touching.  This will fix most wireless guitar connection problems. 

Solder the wireless guitar - If that didnt' fix your problem, you may have weak connectors on the neck of your guitar.  To fix the wireless guitar, add a few drops of solder to the neck of the guitar.  This will make the connectors touch and give you a better connection. 


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      jo 7 years ago

      brilliant suggestion. thanks so much. Had two autistic kids going crazy. everyone happy now