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Fix and Avoid GTA 4 Crashing

Updated on June 18, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4) is open world action adventure game. Game lovers love to play this game, but receiving GTA 4 crash creates annoying situation for them. Number of gamers regularly launch complains on official and unofficial forums about game crash problem.

This tutorial have identified the particular reasons about GTA 4 crash and articulated the real solutions to resolve annoyance.


1. Check system compatibility
2. Check prerequisites for GTA 4
3. Check integrity of game cache
4. Turn off Data Execution Prevention
5. Download and install latest patches
6. Always keep device drivers up-to-date
7. Disable security program and turn off Firewall
8. Clean Windows Registry errors

Fix and Avoid GTA 4 Crashing with Repair Tool

Check system compatibility:

First check after having GTA 4 crash is checking system compatibility. Most of the time game users ignore system compatibility which is base to run game in a stable mode.

The minimum system requirements for GTA 4 are given below:

Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista

CPU: AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4 GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz

RAM: 1.5 GB

HDD: 16 GB

Video Card: Nvidia 7900 with 256 MB memory or ATI X1900 with 256 MB memory

DirectX: 9

Check prerequisites for GTA 4:

There are number of prerequisites for GTA 4. You are required to check all prerequisites and install them to resolve game crashes. You can check all prerequisites from here…

Check integrity of game cache:

Mostly game files become corrupt which initiate GTA 4 crash. You are required to check integrity of game cache to resolve the problem.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

· Close all active programs and start Steam
· Select GTA 4 |Properties
· Local Files and then click Integrity of Game Cache
· Process will take some time so be patient
· Play GTA 4 when process end

Turnoff Data Execution Prevention:

Data Execution Prevention is Windows feature that let users to disallow prevention from security and other backend programs.

Follow the steps given below to turnoff Data Execution Prevention:

· Press Windows Start button on keyboard
· Go to Control Panel and then System and Security
· Now go into ViewAmount of RAM and Processor Speed under System
· Click Advanced System Settings from the left hand pane
· Now select Performance settings under Advanced tab
· Select Data Execution Prevention tab
· Check Turn On DEP for all programs and services except those I select
· Click Add button | Find programs and add to list

Download and install latest patches:

Game patches are released by game developer. All these patches come to resolve game bugs such as game crashes. You can download and install GTA 4 latest patch from here…

Always keep device drivers up-to-date:

Device drivers work as coordinator between hardware and application. An outdated driver not only mess-up coordination but also initiate crashes such as GTA 4 crash. Therefore, always keep device drivers up-to-date.

Follow the steps given below to update drivers:

· Click Start
· Type “Device Manager” in Search Box
· Select the Device | note down its name
· Download latest drivers from manufacturer’s website
· Install drivers and then restart your system

Disable security programs and turnoff Firewall:

Sometime security software and Windows Firewall block programs to run or run properly. You are required to disable security software and turnoff Windows Firewall to resolve game crashes.

Follow the steps to disable security software:

· Search your security software(s) icon on taskbar
· Right-click the icon and select “Disable

Follow the steps to disable Windows Firewall:

· Click Start |Click Control Panel
· Click System and Security |Click Windows Firewall
· Click Turn Windows Firewall On or Off
· Check Turn off Windows Firewall |Click Ok

Clean Windows Registry errors:

Windows Registry is system’s central database that store application configuration and settings. There is always a chance of Windows Registry errors in game applications that is why GTA 4 has recommended Registry Cleaner software in itsGTA IV PC Software Prerequisites.

Follow the below mentioned steps to clean Windows Registry errors:

Download Registry Cleaner software such as RegInOut
Install the software and then launch it
Click Start Scan button | Click NextFix Errors button


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      IT 4 years ago

      apparently some of this steps are pre-req to make your computer vulnerable to malicious softwares fcking article

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      Jordan 4 years ago

      Ha. DEP must be enabled. Total fail on this article.

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      John 4 years ago

      Error: GTAIV.exe must run with DEP enabled.