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Flight Simulator Games

Updated on June 4, 2013

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to fly your own airplane? You can have the opportunity to get behind the cockpit of your preferred airplane or helicopter without leaving the comfort of your home. With flight simulators games you can travel all over the world, land and take off from any airport and get to fly in all sorts of weather conditions. And you can do all this without buying your own plane!

The functions contained in flight simulator games are remarkable and very realistic. Most flight simulator games come with simple to follow video tutorials that will train you how to use the game so you can start out "flying" right away. Most games will come with an illustrated guide with hundreds of pages that will come in handy even if you are in the middle of a flight.

There are a number of accessories available such as joysticks that will support you to feel like you are in a genuine cockpit. Most flight simulator software should come with an easy configuration that syncs your joystick to your existing hardware. Also, a good flight simulator game will come with a license that allows you to install the game on as many computers as you like. This means the game will be portable if you download it to your laptop or iPad.

A top line flight simulator game will have advanced customization which allows for a simple way to play the game without having to go through a complex technical installation of the game. The game should also be easy for you to be able to add more aircraft and different types of scenery. As well the game should have regular updates of new aircraft models.

Pro Flight Simulator Game

Pro Flight Simulator has been thought to be one of the best flight simulators available for a long time. This is because there are a wide range of aircrafts from military jets, helicopters or even the Cessna. This pro flight simulator software has the ability to create a variety of circumstances that might occur if you were actually flying a plane and it can even help you practice what to do in a crisis. For instance if you are flying through bad weather Pro Flight Simulator can automatically detect the next airport and help you land safely. This is because it mathematically detects the amount of pressure, moisture, wind and temperatures among other weather conditions.

FlightGear Virtual Cockpit Video

Build the Ultimate Virtual Cockpit

If you are really into flight simulator games then you might want to consider how you can make the game more realistic.

You can set up three computer screens so you have a more cockpit like look to the game and then you can add all the accessories that will have you feeling like you are really in the cockpit!

I would recommend the joystick for fighter jets and helicopters which are not yoke style craft. The Saitek flight rudders also are a great addition to the yoke and quadrant system.

Accessories Make it Real

Most flight simulator games allow for accessories to be added such as joysticks, yokes, foot pedals or throttle controllers. Being able to use these accessories will give a more natural feel to flying and you haven't even left your house!

Some flight simulator games have a very cool feature that allows you to fly with other pilots through aviation networks. Dog fight anyone?

The ability to fly any aircraft from your armchair or computer desk simply by downloading the game has got to be a great advantage. Most games have a large variety of different aircraft so you can get to fly everything from a 1903 Wright Flyer to the latest military fighter jets! You should also have the ability to land and take off from various airports all around the world. The best flight simulator games will even allow you to fly in all sorts of weather conditions too.

Choose from over 80 missions that will show you the world!

This flight simulator game starts with a simple aircraft and skill level. There are all sorts of planes and jets to choose from that makes this game loads of fun. It is also a great learning experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition

You will be surprised with the accuracy of the instrument panels that create a realistic flying experience. You will learn to fly in all kinds of weather and take off and land at many different airports. It is also a great price!

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this flight simulator game: " There are some minor deviations from real piloting but this simulator program is truly worth the price. I have been flying airplanes and helicopters for more years than I'm willing to admit to. I am retired and this program reignites my enthusiasm for the real thing. For those that may be interested I owned and flew a Sikorsky S-58 for many years. The helicopter part of the program is reasonably realistic. I would recommend this program to all."

Microsoft: Flight Simulator X Gold - Secret Shuttle Mission

Now you can really feel like you are in the pilot's seat! It is sure to enhance your at home flight simulator experience. Made with a heavyweight, powder coated steel chassis and anodized aluminum side construction it is fully adjustable and will support all your flight sim accessories such as flight stick and throttle.


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