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Floating Doom Island Minecraft Survival Island Map

Updated on September 18, 2011

I don't know about you, but whenever I hear the words 'floating doom' associated with a particular location, I want to be wherever that is. If you possess the same rubbish natural survival instinct, then you're going to absolutely love Floating Doom Island, a minecraft survival map. Released for 1.8 so that you can enjoy all the wonderful resources the new world of minecraft has to offer, the floating island of doom is a challenging locale in which one must survive, or die trying.

WARNING: This is a review and may contain spoilers. Though I don't give away all that much, if you don't want to know anything about the map before you play it, skip to the download link at the bottom of the article.

The biggest challenge of this map is the fact that it is floating, which means you're really rather limited in the amount of resources at your disposal. It's obvious from the moment that you spawn on the island that you're surrounded by blue void as far as the eye can see. My first impulse was to cheat (but only in the name of an accurate and interesting review) and see if you could slip through the island into the void underneath. Turns out it would take an awful lot of digging to achieve that result, at least in the location I chose to plumb the depths of the island. You're basically looking at a straight 64 blocks down to bedrock. There is one (obvious) ore rich cavern, but that comes with its own dangers – oh and there's one massive pit that you're almost guaranteed to break your neck getting into – but it's worth it for the rewards that lurk within – or is it?

Right from the very beginning it becomes apparent that you are working with a very small space, but fortunately there are several biomes crammed in there, so if you really miss snow, you can go stand in the crunchy powder just above the void and ponder your place in the world, such as it is, or rather, isn't as you're floating far, far away from, well, anything.

This is not the most difficult survival island map I've ever played. For starters, you begin the game with animals already spawning and the longer you stay, the more they spawn. That's not the case on many survival island maps. You also have not one, not two, but four trees already growing, which means plenty of wood and saplings for future forests. Water is somewhat limited, but if you know the old 'dig a 2 x 2 hole and fill the opposite diagonal corners with one bucket on each side for infinite water' trick, you'll never want for the stuff. For a real challenge, you're going to want to play this map at least on easy mode because without hostile mobs, survival won't be that difficult.

On the positive side, I liked the way the relatively small map provided a surprising amount of scope for exploration. There are mysteries in this map that will keep you guessing for quite some time as you gather the resources to not only survive, but uncover all the secrets of the island.

Download Floating Doom Island Minecraft Survival Map


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