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Flying Blind and Speed Cycle Achievement - Solar 2 Guide

Updated on November 9, 2013

This walkthrough guide for the video game Solar 2 covers the Flying Blind and Speed Cycle achievements that can only be completed while in the Black Hole Stage of existence in the game. Within you will find strategies and tactics on how to unlock these achievements along with walkthrough videos showing these tips put to use in real time, accompanied with commentary.

You can find the main index for the Black Hole stage which covers the various other aspects of this stage of existence below along with links to other portions of this guide covering the other stages and tasks in the game.

Black Hole Stage Guide Index

Gaining mass as a planet, working towards the Speed Cycle achievement in Solar 2.
Gaining mass as a planet, working towards the Speed Cycle achievement in Solar 2.

Speed Cycle Achievement

The Speed Cycle achievement in the video game Solar 2 requires that you go from Big Crunch to another Big Crunch in under 20 minutes without using any God or Physics options. In order to do this you will have to focus solely on gaining mass as fast as possible, ignoring everything else. Your best time will be saved.

First things first, to start the Speed Cycle timer, you will have to basic spawn as a Black Hole and gain enough mass to hit the Big Crunch. The second you respawn as an asteroid, the Speed Cycle timer begins to count down, but is not visible yet. Use the tactics you’ve learned so far to burn through each stage as fast as possible.

As both an asteroid and planet you will want to stick to harvesting large clusters of asteroids, ignoring more sparse groups as they take too much time to capture for the payoff. As a Star you will want to make sure you stick to a single star system and keep the number of planets in orbit low as to spawn more loner planets and less large star systems. Always avoid hostile lifeforms and nomad ships as both aren’t worth your time and can prove hazardous to your end goal.

Once you hit the Star stage, the timer will show up allowing you to keep track of your progress from that point on. Just stay safe and quick about your way to growing in size, keep your interface on and use the path and orbit keys to assist you wherever applicable. Upon triggering your next Big Crunch the timer will stop and if its under 20 minutes, the Speed Cycle achievement will unlock.

Speed Cycle Achievement – Solar 2 Video Walkthorugh

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Going for the Flying Blind achievement in Solar 2.Going for the Flying Blind achievement in Solar 2.
Going for the Flying Blind achievement in Solar 2.
Going for the Flying Blind achievement in Solar 2.
Going for the Flying Blind achievement in Solar 2.
Going for the Flying Blind achievement in Solar 2.

The Flying Blind achievement in Solar 2 requires that you go from the Black Hole (under 150,000 mass, or basically a new basic spawn) up to the Big Crunch without the use of the Interface. The interface is triggered by the I key on the PC and not only is what turns the readout of your current mass on and off, but also means no more red indicators when there are nearby Black Holes that are larger than you.

The lack of having the red warning indicator causes two main complications which we will have to compensate for, first being that Black Holes significantly larger will now be a massive threat forcing us to find other means of detecting their nearby presence and second being that we cannot gain as much mass anymore from the rampant consumption of other Black Holes, having to avoid them more often for safety purposes.

Flying Blind Achievement

First off we will have to eyeball any Black Holes we happen to get close enough to actually see, turning and running if they are any bigger then a speck, unless you are absolutely sure you’re the larger of the two. More often than not you will want to avoid them since even so they can hide the presence of another larger black hole from the methods we will use to detect their presence.

In order to see Black Holes that may be nearby, make sure to turn on your path key (P) which you are allowed to use for the Flying Blind achievement. Try to see if there is some abnormal deviations in the pulls of nearby objects, and if you can see asteroids, planets or stars being pulled away from, chances are that’s a sign of a Black Hole with a stronger gravity well than yours, ie: Bigger, time to run.

If you do happen to get caught in the pull of a large Black Hole, your best chance of escape is the slingshot method, requiring you to travel towards the Black Hole, but at an angle that sends you close enough that it’s pull combined with your acceleration will rocket you past it and out of its grasp.

Flying Blind Achievement – Solar 2 Video Walkthrough


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