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Flying Shark RC - New Flying Toy

Updated on December 12, 2011

Flying shark RC is the new flying toy everyone is talking about. This new flying rc is being sold so fast even if it mostly being sold online and only few local stores have it on their shelves.

what the flying shark rc looks like
what the flying shark rc looks like

Flying shark RC is the new toy rc from a small canadian company called william marks corporation and from their RC toy series the air swimmers. The flying shark rc is basically a remote controlled flying shark that uses an inflatable balloon. This new flying toy has been popular all over the world because of innovation, simplicity and how it has a comical effect because of giving the term “flying fish” a new high by making a flying fish rc toys.

The flying shark RC toy is one unique hot new toy that nobody has ever seen. Even if its basic principcle of this radio controlled flying shark maybe simple, This kind of new flying toy has never been seen before. The flying shark rc toy is the first one to use helium as a means to fly in any Rc planes out there and one that has used fins instead of propellers and rudders to navigate an RC. It has also removed some problems mostly encountered with most flying toy rc like RC planes and RC helicopters.

Here are some problems basically encountered with RC planes and RC helicopters that is basically gone with this new flying toy the air swimmers flying shark rc toy.

- Battery Problems

Batteries are exhausted fast in RC planes and faster in RC helicopters. With the problems of battery life, playing time will be shortened. The flying shark RC has basically removed this problem by making their rc flying toy use helium. This means that battery power is only used mainly to control or navigate your new flying toy and not to make it fly.

- Control problems

RC planes needs you to equal lift by changing the angle of the rudders and power from the propellers just to make it fly straight. RC helicopters compounded this problem by having to stabilize to 2 propellers or 2 rotors to make it fly straight in the air. The RC flying fish has removed this problem by making you not worry about how to make it fly in the air by using helium to let it float or fly in the air by itself. Making your remote controlled shark already stable in the air.

- wall and furniture problems.

RC planes and RC helicopters will definitely crash when it encounter the slightest bump or even the slightest breeze while flying. Because the flying fish rc basically floats by itself, mostly made out of balloon and minimal moving parts, it does not have any problems of crashing when it encounters walls, or appliances from your house.

The flying shark rc a new flying toy is one of the best rc flying toys that is currently being sold in the market. Its easy to fly, hassle-free enjoyment can only come with the flying shark rc.


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    • toys-chan profile image

      toys-chan 6 years ago

      @purple Turtle

      for their size, they can only be played inside. They will float fast to the air because of using helium.

    • Purple Turtle profile image

      Purple Turtle 6 years ago from Home

      I have seen these in store and in commercials. I think that they are awesome. However, I also think that they would not make for the best toy to play with on a windy day.;)